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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call

Ok so we are waiting for a New update. Our PL Samsung hotline consultants are very helpfull and sincere

I'm so frustrating!!! I really thought that they fixed it.. back to square one  

I think I'm going to bombard them with tons of messages until they don't solve
I think someone guessed that because this was probably a sefurity patch update. Also there qas not mention about the call drop issue.
Oh god I'm still wondering why no meadia is covering this
Because Samsung pays the ads

So how can we get the message out?


I've tried YouTube videos but that’s not getting enough hits :-(


its so frustrating because the phone should be the best we’ve had. I love the upgrade scheme there’s nothing to compare to it. I so don’t want to change brand I like Samsung


but I can’t work with a phone that I cant call people on...aaaargh!!!!


Okay, so I am on my 3rd S9 plus. Still the same issue. I have been posting everywhere about this and no response from Samsung. I called Samsung yesterday and they completely deny hearing about the issue and first she said


1) It must be an issue with your sim card - I said I have got new sim cards everytime I got my phone exchanged.

2) Then she said it must be your mobile network - I said the drop also happens on Wi-fi (Whatsapp call, Facebook etc.) 

3) She says Mobile network also somehow affects wi-fi (which blew my mind away since she took me for a fool) - I told her I put my phone on Airplane mode and only the wifi was ON so there is no way mobile network would affect this.

4) The she said it must be a fault with your wifi router - I said this happens everywhere and not just at my home

5) Then she said since you have not bought this phone directly thru Samsung I will still give you a option of free service, and you should have gotten your phone serviced the first time you had this issue - I said Samsung suggested me to get it exchanged while I was in the exchange perios and it doesnt make any sense to get my new phone repaired since this has been the case with all 3 phones.

5) She said only thing we can do is give you free diagnostics - I said BYE


In short, they are lying thru their teeth that they have not heard about the issue and are going to deny this until they come out with another Galaxy device that will make fools out of another set of people who get the Galaxy X.

I agree, I returned my Samsung Galaxy S9 plus and got Iphone X and knew that Iphone X is nothing compared to S9 plus and so got another S9 plus in the hope that the issue will get resolved soon. Doesnt seem like it will.

Have bombarded them loads today with non stop calls.. they are very poor at customer service and pretend that there service and sales teams are not linked .... Quite pathetic of them. Never experienced such poor quality service on such an expensive item. Best to tweet apple and ask them to taunt Samsung... The camera re imagined more like the phone re imagined so there is silence....



Anyone here is a lawyer? Does this not call for a Class Action Lawsuit since this is affecting such a large group of people?

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