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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


Have spent ages on the phone to them and it's good to hear that finally they have acknowledged there is a problem. Am surprised it has not made it into main stream media, as usually if it's a headline story they will work fast to rectify the issue... They are advertising the new phone like crazy so a negative headline would get them to fix it quickly. Have reported it to the BBC WhatsApp number and urge others to do the same. The more it's reported the more likely it will be headline news meaning Samsung will suddenly work quicker to solve the issue. 


Just got this reply from Samsung from my error reportScreenshot_20180421-195127_Samsung Members.jpg



No actually it doesn't help at all!!




I've had 3 phones that have all had the same problem from minute 1


If I believe that cleaning the SIM, clearing the cache blah blah was going to help I'd be believing in fairies at the bottom of my garden too!!


How the heck when there's reports all over the world, we are being told in many messages that Samsung are aware and now working on  fix!!


India are starting legal action! Americans are in meltdown


Someone on the American forums is hinting that it may be a microphone problem!!


Can somebody from Samsung seriously send me that load of old tosh!!



I think it takes a bit of straightforward talk to make them to confess that there's an issue...they definitely don't have a solution as of now, even if they do, it mostly will be in a testing phase... they will respond depending on the region and instructions from their higher ups. I personally believe that as customers we have the right to be well informed specifically in a case like this where the cellphone is not able to perform the very basic task efficiently. I'd suggest you give the customer care a call and tell them that you need answers rigjt awsy or else they will be responsible for the consequences. As for me if i get a response call from a higher up as promised, i would suggest them to connect individually to every single customer who has reported this issue because we're all frustrated and samsung is doing itself more harm by keeping quite!!!

Tried this but they just keep fobbing you from one department to another. From tech support to the Samsung branded stores... These stores claim they are franchised stores and you have to go back to the online team as the stores have nothing to do with Samsung. Speak to online team they deny there is an issue...they have said they will replace phone but need my phone for 2 weeks before they send out another set... Completely useless customer service. In general the UK team could not give a ***** about the customers...have emailed everyone I can think of at Samsung... No one bothers to reply. Only way they will do something is if they are exposes to media


can someone give me some information about this latest update please? The last one I had was the "improved call stability" one on 12th april. It sounds as though this latest one doesn't fix the problem either :(

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I can confirm it does not fix the problem.




I stumbled across this video today sounds just like our problem but he's talking about Android not Samsung anyone seen this?


Is the problem with Android?

Doesn’t look promising as my ok google was already to off position wxcept for “while driving”..turned that off too..I’ll come back to you after testing
Tested...didn’t work

In spain forum,  we are open a survey.  We want know how many people have this issues.

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