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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


also if you get in touch with their support it's a mess..they say that this problem is unknown to them...


every problem is Unknown to samsung support


@MirceaForce wrote:

also if you get in touch with their support it's a mess..they say that this problem is unknown to them...


every problem is Unknown to samsung support

Yes they tried that old chestnut on me. I said "the Samsung members forums have thousands of posts about the problem and even if I was the only person in the world you know this is my 4th phone with the same problem!"


On a brighter note the £230 Motorola Moto G 6 I'm typing on makes perfect phone calls 


And to be honest for the money is a pretty good phone. Part of my thinking with it is, It will be an excellent backup if I go for the S10+ next year!!


did you tried full reset wipe cache ?


your phone is network locked ?


Guys just got the lastest brg software update...STAY CLEAR!...ive had drops outs on every call ive had absolutely disgusted..if this goes on i feel this phone is just going to get threw of the ground😡😡😡😡


I sent the phone for repair. I noted two problems, the first is the phone cutting out on call, the main reason this thread exists, and the second is that when I show a short video (2 min duration for example) the camere app gets stuck after I tap the stop button. While filling out the form I copy pasted a link to this thread.


They picked up the phone yesterday. Today they replied that the given problems do not occur. Roughly translated from dutch to english the e-mail says: "Defect did not occur". And that's it. They then ask if I have anything else I would like to have fixed before sending it back to me. With the remark to reply within one day.


I replied. I asked them if they read this thread. I told them the problem is there and that even though they dont see it it does not mean the phone is ok. I asked them to give me 1. a new phone or 2. immediately give me my money instead of sending me 4 new phones before they finally accept it.


But they don't even acknowledge that there is something wrong. Samsung is Gaslighting me. Not OK.


(Today I bought a Huawei P Smart+ for 350 euro, my wife is giving birth to our son any day now, I need to be able to make phone calls and make a picture/video when my son is born, I can no longer trust Samsung. I've had my first Samsung E-900 twelve years ago and a lot of them after, but this is it for me, unless they solve or compensate me somehow)



Follow up on my previous message:


The repair service said "Defect does not occur", then they asked me to reply within one day. I replied (see previous message).


They completely ignored my reply and just sent the phone back today with a letter saying that according to their diagnostics and technical specification, the phone is 100% fine, even though everybody on this thread knows it is not.


Any advice on how to proceed? I'm thinking about complaining directly to samsung, because the repair service is done by a third party called Dynafix.


Currently I can not risk using the S9+ because my wife is pregnant and giving birth any day now

my s9 neverlocked version did restarted by itself after 200hours of usage when i was in a call on Bluetooth...

did your phone s9 restart by itself ???

Guys, I had the same issue with my S9 plus and note 8 and currently I am having that problem with my new Note 9.


Earlier I think I overcame that issue by disabling the HD audio from the contact app, but now I can't find that option. 


Samsung should find us a solution for this or we will move a step forward against it. 




Just a bit off topic.. i use a tempered glass on my s9 plus and noticed reduced sensitivity around edges .thus i  use "touch sensitivity" after which the touch works perfectly fine..But whenever I'm in the game performance mode, the touch sensitivity is again reduced despite turning "touch sensitivity" on... what's more surprising is that i observe this reduced sensitivity in almost all the apps such as watsapp, messenger etc, but except for "notes"...

In short, in the game mode, my phone is behavin as if the "touch sensitivity" is turned off...does anyone else has this same issue?



My s9 in the last month when I'm on the phone, people can't hear me for a bit then they will and after a few seconds later it will make these weird noises and hang up so I ring them back. it's doing it more constant now, oh and I can't really talk to people on loud speaker.. I paid $1000 online for this and it's bull*****.

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