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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


I'm from Honduras I bought the phone from Amazon and i have the same promblem people can send messages to me but i can't call or send text meassges


I have a Galaxy S9 single Sim bought less than a month recently, used it without any call issues. Maybe this year Samsung messed up the modem part since on so manny networks the phones fail.

I was using it on Orange Romania, afted reflashing the firmware with Odin with the EU unbranded one, since it originaly had Vodafone DE branding.

Even though it had no call issues, I will sell it because the battery was a total dissaster! Yes a total dissaster, at least for my usage. The Exynos model is powerful but it has absolutely no power usage optimization!

If anyone wants to buy it, I am here 😀.


Your lucky Lee every time I ring Samsung I get excuse after excuse ..They said the problems fixed with the last update but that it's my service providers issue o2 as they add their own bit to the update .. I can't get worked up due to health so I've just had to give up .. as rang o2 too and as per usual neither taking the blame .. Samsung also said they've had no more complaints about this issue .. I asked did they actually read their community forum .. So basically I'm paying for a mobile that is not giving the service it shud.. 

Also I'm on my 4th handset

@Niikic wrote:
Also I'm on my 4th handset

Sorry to hear that 


If you like me are on your 4th handset and some on here have had more replacements than we have


Even if we were the only 2 people in the whole world on our 4th handset with the same problem on the 3 before  then Samsung would know about it!! But we are clearly not


They must have replaced thousands of handsets already can't believe they keep saying they don't know about it!!!


Just wish my video had gone more viral than it has its only had about 1.1K views nowhere enough to hit the mainstream media 🙁


For anyone that's not yet seen it [click here]


quite clearly Samsung have paid off the mainstream media, as it's never really got out this story. Whilst my phone has got a lot better you still do get the occasional mid call silences....

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I have begun to have the same issue with my speakerphone.  Unfortunately, it is well past the time I can return my phone.  This, coupled with a truly infuriating messaging app, has me rethinking ever purchasing another Samsung phone.  My speakerphone is important to me and I do message quite a bit and I would like to have a good experience with them for the life of my phone.  These features work well on a basic phone, yet a phone I paid close to $900 for cannot manage to offer a good experience with these two normal features. 


Apple and Samsung need to stop competing with one another for the most advanced features on phones, and start thinking of their customers and get the basics i.e. battery life, messaging, speakerphone quality, durability, calling and security down pat first.  Then add all the other incidentals.  


Some facts:


Just a minute ago I was on the phone in the living room with medical staff. They constantly told me the connection was terrible and parts of what I said was inaudible. I had to repeat myself two to three times and correct them because they were filling in the blanks wrongly. I then decided to call them back, still being in the same spot in the living room, with my wifes phone, an iPhone 7. I called them with he iPhone 7, zero problems.


Last week I had two more people call me, but they could not hear me...


Samsung. You keep telling us to wait for updates, meanwhile we are paying money, while the phone value decreases and we have a phone that does not work.


I'm tired of this. I'm selling this phone and will buy another brand. Paid 967 euro's and cant even properly have a phone call. Unacceptable.

I'm the same 24 month contract .. people cant hear me said i sound under water .. now its started cutting calls ..recently had a heart attack ..rang Samsung who are still blaming o2 saying the update has solved the issue for everyone besides o2 customers as o2 add there own touch to the update .. I asked do you actually read ur community website I think ur wrong ..So here we go again rang o2 even though i know its the phone .. oh a mast is down in ur area the last 6 weeks .. i said really my sister lives beside me and she o2 and has no problem .. This is getting beyond a joke .. They wouldnt exchange my mobile again as its the 4th one and now I'm out of the change period .. I'm meant to keep my stress levels down .. How can I.. this is driving me crazy
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