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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


Hate to say this guys because everything was working lovely on ARD4 update for a few weeks




"Lee are you there??"


Is Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




4 times yesterday!!!!


I had another call drop again with latest BRE5. i

I presume that the latest firmware still not fully solve the call drop issue. 


This call drop happen when i'm connected to my car audio player via bluetooth.

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It's getting more and more frustrating day by day. Can't believe this is happening to me even after paying so much. A top of the line flagship can't even do something as basic as holding on to a call without disturbance. I am losing money and clients here. The more I think about it, it seems like a hardware issue than a software. This makes it a permanent problem which might never go away. Samsung might not care about their reputation with their clients but I do with mine. I am using my old phone now.  


Worked almost great for some weeks but today I had around 4 drops (a la 1-2 seconds) in just one call! Disaster. 

I have BRE5  


Hi i know that samsung has been took to court over this issue cant remember what country this was but it might be worth seeking legal advice 


Just on the phone to samsung and basically they dont want to know so good luck every one im swopping to a diffrent phone not be buying any samsung product again #disgrace 


Same ***** here.

After getting ARD4 it was fine, but after BRE5 is worst then ever.


First phone I bought as independent. Thanks to Samsung and Vodafone(Hungary) combination. I do not know which is the root cause , but it is a shame. 


Call drops and calls going silent are a standard feature of the s9... They just don't like telling too many people about it. Apple drain your battery... Samsung don't like you making phone calls... Simples.


After ARD4 and now with BRE5 amazing audio quality, no drops or silent class.

Before ARD4, until ARD1 a disaster.

(Italian no branded device on vodafone).


Really sorry for you guys :(

Lee, are you facing the issue again on the ard4? Or is the the bre5 ???
If the issue was on ard4, Can you please confirm if it is recurring?
I have turned my auto update off, i am on ard4 and not a single drop from the time i got ard4. Bre5 is not available for me..won't update even if i get it without feedback.
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