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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


So if kenzuk is right, any one with th latest update ARD4 and still having the issue can reset the network settings by swapping a different operator sim once and put the original back. Worth a the ARD4 has solved the issue for 99% of us, this might solve the issue.

If this doesn't solve the issue, I'd suggest these users replicate the issue and try to return the phone.


I tried that this morning (read my last post). It may have worked for him but not for my S9.


Hanks1978 - Yes thank you, I think I saw that, and I for one appreciate the input, but I decided that couldn’t wait any longer for an update that may or may not come and may or may not fix the problem for this dysfunctional phone. I use the phone for business and two months of frustration is long enough for me - if I get the chance to ditch it I will.


Ok so since my last post I've had issues of calls not coming through , not even missed call notification .... I'm done with this rubbish's going back for a full refund and I'm changing brands 


I just tried the whole SIM swap... Had a SIM from Africa so inserted it left it on for a bit... Switched back to 02 after a bit.... Second call in the dreaded silence occurs for about 10 secs.... My problem is that it's quite intermittent.... Ok for days and then all of a sudden it goes bad. So looking to get refund and maybe get an s8 which does work .... Or switch brands completely

I don't think swapping is going To work , I took my phone out of the country and it automatically switches network but keeps the old SIM.
When I returned I've never had a call drop again and I'm on the old firmware still ...3 weeks now ......but now I'm getting a totally different fault where calls aren't getting through

Ok do o2 UK now are sending me out a S8 plus to use untill they can fix the issue ....still no updates on O2 UK since April 16th .... can't believe I'm one of the few with issues still's gone very quiet on here lately so most of you must have a fix by now 


Your not alone... Am still having same issue. In fact today it happened a good 4 calls in a row. Have changed SIM to SIM 2 jumped around done lots of things, just there is some sort of fault.... Have escalated this to Samsung president...gonna get a lg or other android device 


Nice to know that I’m not alone in suffering this but it does seem that the last update did indeed fix the problem for the majority. The problem is that those of us left now become a small voice of dissatisfaction rather than a large one – hence this thread has now gone somewhat quiet and we lose the power of momentum.


For those of us left the issue becomes increasingly frustrating as it’s become apparent to me that those services closer to Samsung’s customer base (Samsung Shop, Service Providers, Vendors and even Samsung’s own Tech support) appear to be either unaware of the issue or powerless to do much about it (other than swopping out devices) – indeed many of them seemed to have S9 or S9+ phones themselves and claimed never to have had a problem.


The diagnosis checks that were run on my phone via what I assume was a PC out back in the Oxford Street shop look to be merely frequency band checks, CPU, memory usage, etc. – all passed.


I wasn’t prepared to pay the potential £25 fee for the Samsung shop to dismantle the phone as I strongly suspect that they wouldn’t be able to find anything wrong by simply visually checking the internal components of the device.

I have an engineering/scientific background (BSc 1st class Hons in Media Technology) so I tend not to buy into speculation but would prefer to try to eliminate possible causes. I’ve tried my best to eliminate factors from my usage of the device that could be causing issues and some of the suggestions here on this forum before I returned the phone to where I bought it, for it to be sent off for further diagnosis.


So now that the phone has been returned, all I can do now is wait to see what the outcome will be. I think I now have to go through the process of the phone undergoing diagnosis and possible repair before the vendor will consider a replacement of refund.


I will report back any outcome or findings.


HI what update did u get from o2 on April 16th im still sitting with the arcc update .. have rang o2 and samsung with no joy and I'm in the same position as you problem not fixed .. it's doing my head in ..I never even got offered another mobile until they sort the issue 


Literally just came off the phone to Customer Relations who again said that there is a S9 specific update coming out and it will superceed the ARD4 update. They just don't know when it's coming out. The chap I have been dealing with is not in until this afternoon so I've requested a call back. I will update you after I've spoken to him.

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