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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


Geez Yusuf😟

I have no words, both on replacement phones and both of you still dropping out!!


Is anyone else on O2 in the UK that still has the problem after the ARD4 update like Yusuf and his wife?


I'm on Virgin and so far no silences. I know it shouldn't feel so amazing to be able to make a phone call perfectly on a £900 phone but it does because those dropouts of silence were driving me slowly crazy!


I said in one of my last videos that if it didn't cure it this time I would return it


I was considering getting an S7 edge mint condition used off eBay to tide me over for a year but would now have gone for the A8 I think?


Best wishes to the both of Yusuf if you are both stuck with the darn phones I hope the next update does the trick


@Niikic wrote:

No I haven't had one either and have rang both samsung and o2 and each blame the other .. o2 saying they haven't got an update and samsung saying it's up to my service provider to release it .. and this is the ard4 im talking about .. it's getting beyond a joke 

Hi Nikic


You probably have already? But I didn't get the update at first. I had phone set to automatically update.


I turned that off and clicked the manual search and hey presto it was there.


As I say you've probably tried that already but hey if you haven't? Then maybe its there?


I got mine from o2 and still nothing either :/

Checked manually every day


I'm with o2 also and check manually every day and have rang them a few times just to get told to contact samsung and vice versa ..Wish I'd got a different mobile but they won't exchange it now it's a case of its sent off to be repaired lolol joke .. and ill be leftie with no mobile .. 

Yusuf did you try a reset after getting thi update? I see you are on the right update. Also has you wife updated phone? For us we did not need to reset or anything. If both you and your wife's phone are updated and if both phones still have the issue then I'd suggest you try contacting samsung and ask for a refund. Just do double check if your wife's phone is updated and still has the issue. Sorry to say but you are the first person i know who has this update but wtill facing issues😔

I have the update but am still having the same problem.


Hi All 


Thanks for all the advice and help. I have done all the updates, and resets and factory resets soft resets. But nothing seems to work. Have spent so much time on the phone with samsung and their awful sales shop team in the philippines, that now i have well and truly lost the energy to fight any further.


After updates / factory resets etc - the phones both of them do work for a few days without the silences. So you start to think the issue has been resolved.... Then a few days in you have days where it happens on 4 to 5 calls and your back scratching your head. I look at it from the point of view that it is an expensive camera that i have bought. Samsung dont really want to help, they just kick everything into the long grass and hope people just dont complain. Doing factory resets and then restoring the data - that in itself can take hours - and therafter having to put passwords back into all the apps etc takes forever. Best thing might do, is to get it exchanged at one of those cash converter shops - take the cash and get a decent product from another company. Am not an apple fan - and dont like IOS - so will see whats on offer from the other manufacturers.


Appreciate all the help and advice from all


I've just emailed the CEO of Samsung UK and asked a few questions. Also suggested someone from there has a look at this Forum.

Doubt he will bother to even read my email, but we live in hope don't we!




I did that a few weeks back - no reply initially then i kept sending the same emails everyday to all Samsung CEOS around the world that i could find - i then quickly got a reply from Kirsty their UK head of complaints or something like that


Well I will do that too.

Perhaps a few more people will join in. They're causing their customers grief, perhaps it's about time we did the same

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