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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


@tf2006 wrote:

I agree that the rapid cycle from announcing the phone to release is part of the problem. Samsung announced the phone and released quicker than they have ever done before.

But that is not a valid reason.

The main function of a phone is to make phone calls. Clue in the name. This is one part of a phone that should be tested and made sure it works.

After the exploding Note fiasco, Samsung above anyone, should be testing their kit  thoroughly. Yes there will always be errors and faults in new Tech. Yes you are at risk buying the first batch. But the basic functions should be tested and working.

Some of us that have stuck with Samsung through the Note issue, me being one, can have no comeback for feeling that we have been let down again.

To err is try and make it look like it's not an issue and just bad luck for a small number of customers is just bad practice repeating itself!


I don't disagree with your point - but ultimately for a company (ANY company) it comes down to weighing up...


-  Impact of the problem (major risk to health/safety or a less-critical fault/annoyance)

-  Potential cost of admitting liability (legal action, compensation, refunds/replacements, fines)

-  Reputational damage (by doing, or NOT doing so)


Depending on how the above factors weigh out, it will determine the response of the company.


The issue here was an intermittent and frustrating (apparent) software/firmware bug. It didn't affect every device/user and it didn't happen on every call. It's now being addressed by a new firmware update and seems to definitively resolve the issue.


From the perspective above then, not formally acknowledging the issue and issuing recalls/refunds was probably the "right" decision, and I doubt it'll impact many people's future purchasing plans - especially if the Note 7 problems didn't stop them buying this one.


Anyways I'm happy that it is fixed now after the ARD4 update..for some reason even now i involuntarily keep checking for updates manually🤣🤣🤣 it has become a sort of habit😅






International version on US? seems very strange...there is no ARD6 update for any us model i can see right now..


Sim free s9+ from cpw and nothing when I try to update the firmware. Really hacked off now as so many dropped business calls. Anyone else had the UK update? 


Yes had mine this morning on my S9 Plus dual SIM that I bought direct from Samsung


Running 3 and O2 sims. Who are you with? 


On 3 but have single SIM device. Getting really hacked off with this. I have to disagree with some of the other posters re early adoption, you can forgive some features not being 100% early on but calls are basic functions and should work with no excuses, especially in a premium device. 


Exactly what I said in an earlier post today!


@rick_x wrote:

Sim free s9+ from cpw and nothing when I try to update the firmware. Really hacked off now as so many dropped business calls. Anyone else had the UK update? 

SIM free from Argos. S9+. Received update this morning and calls have been fine since :-)


I disagree with people defending Samsung on this. Some people were refused a refund as they'd had the device too long. I can't see how anyone paying £800+ can accept this!


Anyway, glad it's fixed. Let's push for compensation.

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