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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


The drops are slight no think major but I have had a few call drops not sure if this is due to the phone or the network and this is on the bre5 update 


Anyone on EE branded got the update? I flashed it to get VOLTE but its on ARD1 from April. No BRE5 


Guys i need a feedback! My phone is working perfectly with the ARD4, the BRE5 update is available and i have turned the automatic update off! Some users are reporting that the issue resurfaced after the update for them.

My question is:

1. Is anyone on bre5 and perfect working condition?

2. for how many of you has th problem resurfaced after the updating from ard4 to bre5? I(i need feedback from from people whose issue was resolved with the ARD4. 

3. If i update to BRE5, and if th issue resurfaces,  is there anyways to roll back to ard4?

Please respond as i am pretty sure that there must be many like me trying to avoid another possible disaster.



Wit ard4 had lots of silences mid call and less drop calls..


With bre5 less silences mid call, although I still get about one call a day with silences... Have noticed more drop calls with the bre5. Am on 02. Gonna sell this phone and get something that works. Samsung don't give a ***** and it's been months now they have been denying the issue, and lie that it affects s very small number of people.... the bre5 has made the silences less of an issues, but it's still an issue but Def more drop calls. Will sell phone to cex and go and get a Google phone or whichever is the next top end phone.


i wish i can have a chance to test ARD4, but unfortunately we are offered BRE5 update in stead of ARD4. 


So far i had tried to reset via resetting in settings and another type of reset is in recovery mode (press up, bixby, power button at the same time)

After triee both method of reset, i still have problem of call. I'm not sure now it is due to bluetooth issue or call issue. 


So far i mostly use bluetooth to connect to my car audio to make the long call. I also tried to connect to my car audio via blutooth to listen music, connection drop also.



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I got the BRE5 update around a week back. Fortunately, the phone works perfectly. I'm from India and we didn't get the ARD4. Straightaway got the BRE5.


There have been a couple of drops/silences mid call, however, i believe they were  because of the network. 


I'm just crossing my fingers that the phone keeps working like this.


I have updated to BRE5 and have an unbranded S9 on EE in the UK.

I am still getting the odd sound drop out for several seconds especially upstairs at home where I have never had any previous issues with any other phone in this area. 

Samsung will not replace this 2nd phone as I have had it over 30 days and they said the BRE5 update has sorted the issue on unbranded phones. 


@Div wrote:
Lee, are you facing the issue again on the ard4? Or is the the bre5 ???
If the issue was on ard4, Can you please confirm if it is recurring?
I have turned my auto update off, i am on ard4 and not a single drop from the time i got ard4. Bre5 is not available for me..won't update even if i get it without feedback.

Everything was fine on ARD4 but I'm wishing I hadn't done BRE5 because the things a pig again😫


I think I'd better sit with ard4. Sorry for you all. Charles thanks for the update.


@Div wrote:

I think I'd better sit with ard4. Sorry for you all. Charles thanks for the update.

yes I think thats best for now


I am so annoyed with this new update spoiling everything with the phone again just as I was starting to fall in love with it...aaaaarggh


I was having fun with it especially the camera its awesome so its such a shame


I made my first attempt at making a simple film at the weekend using the Galaxy S9+ and my new baby I bought for it the Smove Mobile Gimbal I was so pleased with it.


My first ever movie taken on the S9+


Hopefully Samsung release another update to fix it back how it was because I so want this phone to be right


I know some of you have been with me and Lucie saying "Lee? are you there?" from the start so here's a chance to meet her in a little fun extra footage from the Sunset Video again using the smove mobile (a very cool bit of kit)


Lucie and I, a little extra footage from the Sunset video



Fingers crossed for yet another update



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