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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


@AntS wrote:



We’re very much monitoring this, so it’s actually quite good to know whether the issue is still happening for any of you folks or not – along with any other useful info (e.g. model type/number; country; network; whether you’ve got ARD4 or not; whether you’ve done a factory reset; if the issue is persisting).

Thank you very much for the info AntS, I take it that you actually work for Samsung in some capacity, it sadens me that you're post is the only evidence that I've peronally seen that someone from Samsung is listening or is officially aware – are you able to feedback how appalling we all think Samsung’s attitude has been regards this shambles of a situation, don’t you think that some form of official statement from Samsung on the issue would have saved many of us many weeks of stress, anguish and wasted time!


I for one have wasted so much time waiting for rumoured updates, fixes, visits to my service provider and Samsung’s own flagship store in Oxford Streel London - all fruitless. The only real form of support has been this very thread powered by customers that feed their own mixture of experience, fact, fix, false hope, rumour, and experimentation as well as occasional flaming. I hate using forums for those reasons – we need an official stance from Samsung themselves. It should not be the case that customers need to put up with this level of un-reliable non-support! I’m sure Samsung could have opened an official portal where all the above items you have listed could have been collected and analysed logically.


Do something positive for once Samsung and fix this issue once and for all please.


Hi Ants,

why the release of firmware ARD4 is halted ? any reason behind this and when it will release to Malaysia ?


Yes i got the ard4 update about aweek ago but the call quality is terrible..getting the odd drop in calls still, and the silence in calls..gonna do a factory reset tomorrow and if still no joy im gonna take it back to vodafone as i still have a week left on my month cooling off period!


Thanks for letting everyone know Ants


I'm still dismayed that the ARD4 update hasn't solved the update for everyone!


Hasn't even been rolled out yet in some countries or on O2 in the UK! How many weeks has this phone been out now??? Geez😩😩


I cannot understand how Samsung stores still have never heard of the problem? It simply is not possible!!!!!


I have no problems now with calls  but until everyone is jumping for joy I cant do a celebration video


However I have a NEW problem and I will start a new thread about it




Just got new update this morning in the UK XEU csc.Screenshot_20180523-092755_Software update.jpg



I now have Wi-Fi calling and enhanced LTE services which I could only get by using three firmware and even then I didn't get enhanced LTE toggle in settings. But have both now using 3 sim and XEU UK firnware


The youtube trailer When We First met video which I used to detect the black crush has also been fixed. Happy S9+ OWNER RIGHT NOW!!!!


What was your previous firmware sitting at before this update? Was it ard6..


No it was ARD4


I take it your on an unlocked device to get the with vodafone but still on the ard4 build...looking forward to this new buld🤗🤗

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