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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call

Bhai indian market from Bangalore side wasn't affected. I called up 2 friend uing s9plus wit3j airtel and Vodafone..both didn't have issue. Btw what is your current software ending with? Arcc or ard4? To bad india does not have the returning scheme
Don't worry, the fix is out there..except for the o2 guys😅
Mr adnaan is back..the mono audio guy😎😎😎

Update ARD4 for O2 UK branded phones has not been released yet

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I don't see the menu withthe three dots on my s9.

Div ...... glad you find it funny .....did I mention o2 have given me a free s8 plus and new case because of the issues.....and i still got my S9...... oh and compensation for the inconvenience.....who's laughing now 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Kezuk i hope you understand the difference between 😅 and 🤣..out of dozens of msgs you read one and interpreted that incorrectly. 
And judging by your statement, you are amongst those customers who prefer taking advantage of a situation. And ah, can't expect much from you. I remember you are the one who shouting around like an ***** a few weeks back creating chaos while we were trying to help. You got a compensation, good for you..My phone is fixed and i am happy about that! I'll be more than happy if everyone's issue is resolved.


@Adnaan wrote:

@tf2006 wrote:

I think it's quieter because a lot have given up and using different phones. I'm on a different make now and just waiting for my full refund to appear in my account. 

Good luck

That's not the case for me, phone is working as it should. No drops since the last update. 


Me too. Haven't had one issue since the update. Working perfectly. 


Div .... You sound a little jealous .....and yeah I ranted and no you didn't help at all ...and a laugh emoji means the same which ever one you use ....How can I interpret it in any other way .....your phone is fixed yeah ? you're not needed here one chum 

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We’re very much monitoring this, so it’s actually quite good to know whether the issue is still happening for any of you folks or not – along with any other useful info (e.g. model type/number; country; network; whether you’ve got ARD4 or not; whether you’ve done a factory reset; if the issue is persisting).


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