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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


S9 plus dual Romania, Vodafone/Digi, updated 9 May 2018 to ARD4... Since then i had 2 calls with short silence (1-2 secs) and 1 call drop. I hope it's my network...

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So I just found out that the reciever of my s9 and the front speaker are bad and there is a way to check that..! I was told I have to change it! 


I work for Spark in NZ. A lot of my colleagues and our customers have complained a lot about this issue. There were plenty of returns and exchanges, but to no avail. I myself have an S9 Plus and experienced the same problem.


Ever since the ARD4 update was released for our network, I told everyone to update their phones to this version. Since then the problem has gone away for everyone including myself.


Hope tho helps!


Sorry If I've tagged this as a relpy to the last post, but I can't figure out how to post proper in this chain!


I’ve been watching this forum for a few weeks now and haven’t commented so far because I wanted to see how my phone would behave after the various updates we’ve all been waiting for were installed.


Well I updated to the latest version as soon as they were released a week or so ago (G960FXXU1ARD4/G960FOXM1ARCA/G960FXXU1ARD6) and it’s made no difference what-so-ever for me – I still get call drop outs on literally every single phone call I make. I’m now at my wits end with this phone!


I’ve also done the clear cache and factory reset thing three times now and the phone is still unable to make calls without dropping out. I can hear the person on the other end no problem at all but on every call I make I get the other person saying ‘Sorry I’m losing you mate’ or ‘You’re breaking up’ or ‘Lost you’ ‘Sorry can’t hear you’…or any combination of…literally every single phone call.


This my second S9 after I took the original one back as faulty (with the exact same issue we’re all suffering) I’ve wasted enough time on this phone now, I’m about to take it back to John Lewis to see if I can get my money back (doubt full now after so many weeks).


It’s a shame, it’s potentially a nice phone but if I can’t make business calls on it then it’s worthless.


Samsung have now lost me as a customer for any future purchases, I’m furious right now, the only thing that stops this phone hitting the wall is the fact I need it to get my money back!


Samsung you are an utter disgrace and a shables.


Ah ha...that's how it works!


Well my S9 Plus Hybrid SIM is on it's way back to Samsung. I have used my new Huawei P20 Pro on both SIMS, have made and received calls without any drops or silences. That's the way to do it Samsung!!

I wish everyone on here good luck and hope your loyalty to Samsung pays off in the end and you're all working soon.

Good luck.


So I mentioned a week ago I took my phone from the UK into Spain,  it changed networks when I arrived as they do to a local network , on my return to the UK and back on o2 it's not had any dropping issues , it's been perfect for 3 weeks , I've had no updates in this time , so it's definitely a network incompatibility issues,  so if there's a way to change your network and then restart it on the old network it may sort it ....... up untill 3weeks ago I had call dropping all the time and now no more ....hope this info helps 


I am on fw ARD4 since the 1st of May (italian no brand firmware) plus two factory reset and no more silcences or drops, a great audio quality now, fully satisfied.


It's really strange that you guys still have the issue even after installing this update.

Return back the phone :(


Yesterday I called Samsung tech support who remote dialled into my phone to check various settings and establish that I do indeed have all the latest firmware installed. The only thing they changed was the audio setting to Mono Mode. Their advice was to try the phone and if the problem persists to take it to the Samsung Store in Oxford Street.

The problem persisted on the very next phone call not five minutes later!


Bit the bullet today,


  1. Tried a number of calls to a fixed landline number from various places around town – every single call dropped out, went low level audio, silence or audio break up after a few short minutes.
  2. Went to the Oxford Street Vodafone shop and got a brand new SIM fitted – made some more test calls and experienced the same audio drop problems.
  3. Walked across the road to the Samsung Store who did various diagnostic tests that looked to be a frequency check and a software and memory check. They also re-installed all the Samsung software on the phone and did a factory reset.
  4. I stepped outside the store made one more test phone call – lasted 6 minutes before the first of the usual problems.
  5. Went to the O2 store and bought a PAYG SIM to check on a different network – you guessed it the problem is still there.
  6. Went back into the Samsung Store who offered to escalate it to a higher level of diagnostics – basically an engineer to take the phone apart, but wanted to charge me £25. I declined as I said I don’t see why I should pay £25 for the diagnoses of the now second faulty phone out of the box – I refused to sign the disclaimer, good money after bad!
  7. The phone is now back with John Lewis who will send it off for diagnosis on my behalf – I now wait for the outcome.

So I’m for now without my S9 and back with my broken Note 3 – at least I can make and receive phone calls.


If I could ditch this S9 right now I would and go to another brand, but for now at least there is nothing more I can do.


I’ve met plenty of S9 owners in Samsung and Vodafone who seem to have working S9’s…but I can’t waste any more time on mine, for now I’ll limp by on my Note 3 and wait to see what comes back from the John Lewis diagnosis.


OK, so I've posted this before.  

I spoke with Samsung Customer Relations who have assured me that a new update specifically for the S9 is only days away.

This is not the ARD4 but a newer update.  

This implies they are still having this problem.  I'll keep you all updated as and when I hear anything.

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