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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


Why don't you all, the impatient ones, install temporarily the firmware from Italy Spain or wherever is already out?? It's very safe and easy to do and you save the hassle during this week or so, then when isit out also in UK, you'll come back to the UK one. I find it so easy...


Just to cheer y'all up and make you laugh a little


Just got off the phone with Lucie and she sounded like...


Norman Collier [Click here haha!]




People, just flash the italian or spanish firmware, it's exactly the same! What's the problem? I don't understand.


I hear you Segar


But I haven't the foggiest clue where to look for it? and if I found it I wouldn't know how to flash it either?


Sorry bro but my technical knowledge starts and ends at 


Turn it off...and turn it back on again 


If that don't work?


I'm stuck


Any links and full instructions pls? 




Was a regular  poster on here... samsung exchanged phone... for the first 3 days was fine... but then yesterday and today had loads of silences during calls. Am on 02. This is now second phone.. Really don't understand samsung and their very poor customer service. Have spent too much time trying to correct a basic feature of the product that does not work... seriously am now going to avoid galaxy phones in future


Yeah.this was my first Samsung and probably the last...not becuase the phone is faulty but because of their attitude towards it.this is a lovely phone but My first android experience has been completely ruined.


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I have been following this topic since day one and I cannot believe the way samsung treat their customers ,the s9 is a brilliant phone but samsung support is appualing and with updates for this problem way to slow 😏



Just had my update in the UK.  Fingers crossed

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