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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


Best thing to do is to email everyone and anyone from Samsung corporate. Same time follow Samsung on Instagram and comment on the pics and explain so others can be put off.. already I have had 2 people msg me from Instagram appreciating the advice. So if we all do this it will start to create a movement of sorts.




Few posts earlier I stated the same that the update AR..5 broke sth like frog said..


@Funkyfrog56 wrote:

In which case it's a very poor quality phone and Samsung should be ashamed of themselves for making such a shoddy phone as to produce a phone where so many networks fail on it is despicable.  Besides my problems only occurred since the software update in April.

It's not a phone. Its a camera with SOME call capabilites 


Yeah..”the network issues” but with the phone’s obvious that thennetwork issue is with the phone....they can’t fix the network issue on the service provider side by updating the phone..can they?🤣🤣🤣🤣

Oh god! So i have experienced the same thing..i made an international call that laster 48 minutes and i was on a bus...there was no silence or drop..porbably the longest a call that have ever lated on thos phone...calls had no no issues..but yea i did get wierd sound quality the first time called the i had to hang up and call again...surprising that call lasted so long on the move
LOL...a camera with “some camera capabilities “ epic🤣🤣🤣

@Jp82 wrote:

I sold my S9 already so I no longer have a dog in this fight but has anyone considered that it could really be a network issue?


Perhaps the receivers on the S9s aren't as good. They're not faulty but maybe just not as good hence the "network issues". But that wouldn't explain why the majority aren't experiencing the same problem. 

Same here..  won't be givin em my money again,  s9+   and now a pixel user... Totally different experience


Oh good lord does this guy work for Samsung support 


Check out this YouTube video on how to fix your call drop out problem


Watch it and weep

why they make this *****ty videos? Thanks to them people can believe its their fault not Samsung or that it is normal...thats why your 10% is from...some people are so stupid...
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Thank you. I have checked my settings and they are the same as yours but the phone still does it. I have had 2 s9 phones now and both have this problem. It even mutes when on my bluetooth in the car. Apparently its something to do with when its switching masts. The phone never mutes when i sit in one place and have a conversation with someone, but if i am walking around, or on the move like in my car it mutes every 5 or 6 minutes. I think its when it is changing cell masts. So annoying. Think i have no choice but to get a refund. 

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