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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


@Yusufvali wrote:

Mine is direct from Samsung and they are being funny about giving a refund. Have now esculated the case using trading standards... Let's see what happens 

Yes I really hope you let us know how that pans out


As at 28th April 2018 - Added Bulgaria MTel/A1); Croatia (Tomato, T-Mobile); Hungary (Vodafone); Qatar (Ooredoo); Turkey (Turkcell); UK (H3G)  to the list. 


Please post your country and service provider so I can update the appropriate list if you are (or are not) having the same problem with your new S9. 

Summary of countries and providers with issue as posted on forums


After 2 x replacement S9's, I tested then changed to a TELSTRA SIM in Perth, Australia and this has FIXED my day to day "silence on calls" issue for this area.


Has anyone else found that an alternate Service Provider's SIM works fine for their area like I have?


I can replicate the issue immediately by changing back to the previous provider's SIM (also on the TELSTRA 4G network but a capped and limited version - mobile virtual network operator (MVNO)). I would also bet that I could replicate the issue with my new TELSTRA SIM if I moved into an area in Australia that had a different Telstra network set-up. I believe its a compatibility issue between the S9 and the specific network capability and is dependent on the network equipment and software implemented in that specific area. 

If anyone else finds an area where their phone works fine with a different provider's SIM then that would be interesting to know.

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Same reported in Ooredoo Qatar 


Morning all,

I was told by Samsung TS that an update for this problem was days and not weeks away. 

I've just had a Software Update from Samsung and installed it.  Only time will tell if this is that fix.  

Here's hoping.


Which update have you received, as Samsung has already pushed 2 of them which failed to fix the matter ? Mind sharing the details of the update you are referring to?


How do I post a screenshot pls?



That's the option in the Reply section

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Screenshot_20180427-112247_Software update.jpg







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