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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call

Issue persist with and without the card..checked
Thanks for taking time to conpile this msg. It will be useful when we start spreading the word😅

I'm in Italy, issue with the mono sim phone on Vodafone since day one.


So this might indicate a hardware issue om the sim one...SEND THIS FEEDBACK TO SAMSUNG..they might work out something or maybe a software issue on how the phone functions the sim1


Geez now I'm starting to wish I had stuck with the dual SIM version and not cancelled and gone with a single sim 😫


Users SOULSTRANCE and DOBBY have confirmed so far that the sim2 works perfectly. One of them haven't had a  drop since friday...this could a relief for many users...anyone else...?



Okey, so the result of having the sim in the sim place 2 (no memory card): Same *****, no difference for me   

Guys!! Funny thing has happened: I just wanted to call Samsung and tell them that i think, that when i put the sim on slot 2 and nothing on 1 the problem is gone. The Samsung Guy (SG further) told me that they know the issue its a software bug for sure and will be dropping a fix unofficially at the end of the april and beginning of may and will write down my suggestions to the technical team. Then we had some talk for a while about my history of the problem and suddenly one drop...he told then than maybe this is a coincidence and some operator interferences etc. We talked for a while and after about 5 min second drop. Then SG realised that it is no coincidence and the slot swap didnt helped so we finished by talking about waiting for the update and hoping for the fix...

Sorry to say this Sofia but that is a bit of comfort to those of us with single SIM phones


This really is a sorry state of affairs my phone calls today have been unbelievably bad


I had to call back one customer 3 Times because he couldn't hear me on the first 2 calls in the first minute


Its becoming a flipping joke!





There we go confirmation from soullesstrance that the slot 2 is unfortunately not the answer


And yep as explained in my first video I've dropped out whilst on the phone to Samsung (and been cut off) that's after waiting over 1 hour to get through on one occassion 


You can bet your bottom dollar they know full well about the problem


All the units they are replacing and all the customers ringing them! They can't possibly not know can they??



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