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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call

Two of my friend with the s9 plus are actually techies, and I've been following up with them to observe these issue. They usually sit on their phone for hours and hours and didn't have the issue even once. It is very unlike of them not to notice the issue even after what i have explained to them ..what this might imply is that maybe the networks which are using a little older technologies may not be affected and maybe the s9 is having compatibility issues with the signal bands for us. Others areas or network in india where the LTE might be implemented like us are most like to be facing the issue...this is just an assumption.

(Three S9s with the silence on calls issue)  Microphone not being blocked by a finger as I get ~6 second silent patches when I am on speaker, using headphones, on the car phone and speaking directly into the microphone. More likely compatibility issue between S9 software capabilities and the hardware/software capabilities of the Network Provider because Aldimobile is MUCH worse than Telstra. Telstra rent Aldimobile use their old network. Maybe different switching/protocols.


I am on my second day of NO silent spots on calls using new Telstra SIM (Instead of an Aldimobile SIM) with VOLTE turned OFF on my line by Telstra. It's only day 2 with no call drops and silences but it would SEEM that the network that Telstra rent to AldiMobile in Australia is incompatible with the Samsung Galaxy S9. 


Morning all, are all you guys who are having the drop out issue on SIM free (unbranded) phone's? I tried my mates phones, who are also on the same network as me, however, they have carrier branded phones, and it didn't drop out at all. Maybe this is why there aren't millions of people complaining to Samsung about this issue. It seems like it's only affecting SIM free devices....


Interesting theory


I have the problem Unbranded handset so own outright not tied to any provider and despite swapping handsets problem persists 


Mine branded and have The issue 


Oh no soullesstrance


I was hoping that SIM free was the reason and already you've squashed the theory😫


Mine is SIM free however, every phone that is bought on the Samsung upgrade scheme will be SIM free and not tied to a network so I wonder what percentage of S9/+ are bought through the upgrade scheme?


If it is under 10%? That is maybe why the percentage of likes of my video is still slightly under 10%?


(Don't be silly Lee you know it's the singing!)


Soulless what network are you on?


Maybe it's people with SIM free and also those on networks that don't have whatever it is they are talking about above?

It might be worthwhile to test a carrier branded phone. I'm planning on going into the shop to test it out today, will report back

Great stuff Adnaan


Look forward to hearing what you find out


In the meantime I've added a comment to my video asking people to let me know if they are SIM free and having the drop out problem


SIM free question now added in comments


Weird that Samsung hasn't been able to trace and fix this. First, the battery is worse than the S8, now this...

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