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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


I'm getting no response from samsung either when sending the error report and still no update as promised , my phone seems to be getting worse ....  sort it out samsung NOW ! ....or the phones going back


@soullesstrance wrote:
Could you make this list official and add all of the others things?

For me didn't work too:

SiM Exchange
switching the phone operator
switching BCM

Not sure how I go about making it official, maybe someone else with the knowhow can oblige. 


But now that you mention it, I had also changed the SIM (new SIM) and tried with different providers. Neither of which fixed the issue. 


This is another bug. Many tech websites already posted this issue as being another problem on these phones.

As I know, Samsung knows about it and it's working on a fix...unlike the bad battery life problem, this one can be fixed via a SW update.




As requested I've made a little follow on rant video

Mentioning Poland, using extra emotion and a little doth of my cap to "Over the Horizon" haha


Maybe 2 million hits with this one? Haha! {click here}


The sad grey hat with flakes makes a huge difference already...


The hat itself makes me wanna cry a lot..

I wondered if anyone would notice the hat!

I figured it may help with views in a Susan Boyle kind of way!! LOL

Not good! Imagine if you had a real emergency...:(


Great point wookie

Hello 999 what's your emergency...



999 what's your emergency????


7th??? Jeez, you must have patience going back and forth so many times.


I'm still patiently waiting for Samsung to officially acknowledge the issue, I dont make many calls but even the few calls I make it goes silent during the call. I have followed the posts on here and tried all the various fixes other users have tried, as you can guess nothing works.

I think I have been very patient with Samsung, however loyalty isn't rewarded these days which is a shame as I have had every iteration of the Note range since day one (thought I'd go for a change this time with the S9+) . I know a lot of people threaten to never buy Samsung again but it's no idle threat from me as this is the last Samsung I'll ever buy . Samsung probably couldn't give a monkies which is a shame but they seem to have lost their customer focus, first the Note 7 cost me time and money now the S9+ is about to do the same . I'll quite happily bin the expensive Samsung case, charging station etc and move onto another manufacturer. I'm sure someone from Samsung actually reads these forums but it appears you don't give a toss about your customers .

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