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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


On a side note, is this affecting all S9/S9+? Or just us unlucky few? I have a friend that has no problem with his phone so not sure what's going on there. The guys on this forum seems to be having a problem regardless of replacement of a new phone.... I'm using 2 sim cards and my friend is using 1 sim only. Both of us are using the dual SIM version of the phone.

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I am in the US with the S9+ and have that issue but my coworker has no issues. i'm going in tomorrow to replace it and see if that helps

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I have been following this thread with interest after stumbling across it by searching for the same problem as you all are having. I had booked in a Samsung repair centre visit, but decided not to after reading that replacing would make no differance
I purchased my S9 plus on release day England, sim free EE network, but the past 3 days the call issue has not happened, all has been fine and I have not done anything different

I cannot for the life of me believe/understand the poster on here who has "claimed" to return his phone 7 times or more for a replacement....why ?... there are plenty of other phones out there to choose from, which makes me ask "is the issue really that bad" are some people complaining for the sake of it ? if you are really that unlucky then move on, you have a choice

All I can say is mine resolved itself, its a great phone and im glad I didnt ask for a replacement


I too purchased mine on release day, direct from Samsung, Sim free in the UK and use it on EE.


Nothing has changed since my original post, this problem is constant, happens for about 10 to 20 seconds at a time and happens every call.  On long calls it can happen several times as long as the other party does not figure I have dropeed the call and hang up themselves.  If you are only making short maybe minute or two calls, you may not see the issue, a few minutes+ and it happens everytime.  This is absolutley a phone issue, not coverage, not network not third party apps.


Samsung a keeping quiet to protect tgheir share price so they do noty lose billions as they did with the battery issue.  They promised better QA and now this flag ship phone proves that their statements were hot air.  I have had (and still have) S6, S7, S8 and S9+, only the 9+ has this issue.


Still not comment from Samsung - what an appauling way to treat loyal customers.


Please understand that users in india do not have the option to return their purchases. The option for the user is to avail warrantly...he doesn't have a choice...

I had close to 15 drops within 2 hours on an international call was so frustrating that i removed the sim and switched to my old iphone...I'll roam around with 2 phone now until samsung does something about this. I have visited Samsung and they are willing to help with probably swapping the phone but knowing that it won't help, I'd rather wait... i would much more comfortable if samsung acknowledges the issue...and by acknowledging i mean that they write/call back to me in response to the appointment that i made. Any electronic device company calls you back to see if the issue is resolved. Surprisingly no feedback has been taken by samsung. The longer they wait, the more future customers they will loose.
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I am in the U.S. My wife and I each bought a new Samsung S9 phone on March 16 at an Xfinity Mobile store near Boston. Both phones were activated with new SIM cards and use the Verizon Wireless CDMA network for voice calls. During calls, both phones experience random "dead air" lasting from three to 10 seconds. In other words, the person to whom I am talking says they can't hear me.

This happens with almost every call and is very annoying. We have turned off VoLTE calling and Global Networks in settings. No difference.

Is there a fix for this? There are many other similar complaints about the S9 on various Internet forums.
There is some statement from Samsung Poland i wrote here in Bold
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Ok its been a few days of a work around that i have tried, which seems so far fruitful.

I have turned off LTE and only use 2G/3G

I have also turned off WIFI when making a call

Also i reboot my phone every morning and these actions seem to have give a more stable operating of the phone, i havent since experienced the speakerphone loss or dropped connections.


While not ideal, this could be a work around until Samsung fix the bug.


Good luck if you try it, my phone as been stable for a few days now.




@soullesstrance wrote:
There is some statement from Samsung Poland i wrote here in Bold



Just consider yourself lucky 


I'm on phone number 3 I've changed from hybrid to single just had a 3 minute dropout this morning yet again


I've been looking at other phone deals but the Samsung upgrade scheme is by far the best deal out there


I've looked at the iPhone X upgrade scheme and that's £57 a month for the 64gb and over £70!!! For the 256gb geez!!


Only £34 a month, pay it for a year, send it back for new one next year, don't have to try and sell it etc


What's not to like??




And it's a bl00dy phone!!!


If anyone can show me a better deal where I can pay monthly for my phone and exchange it annually 


Trust me I'll take it because this phone is doing my head in


I'm sick to death of hearing..."hello? Are you still there?"




"hello Lee are you there?"


IM HERE!!!!!!!!!!!


"Oh gosh I wish he'd change that stupid phone"



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