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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


We have had that update in Australia for over a week  It improves things but does not fix the  problem of 5 to 10 seconds of silence during calls 


Hopeful is what Samsung wants you to feel with these updates and they want you not to return your phone. They have no clue of what the real issue is here!


what a shame we have to get excited about the software update to make normal calls uninterrupted..

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When I put my call on speakerphone I can hear the person all the time but they cannot hear me and when I do talk it sounds like I am under water. This has happened since I got the phone two weeks ago


I am in Australia, same issue as everyone,went to the store, they reinstalled the issue, suggested to me to turn of Volte, which actually was already off from the provider side, what surprized me that the service executive refused to accept that this is a known issue, aslo when i showed him this thread, he said that we can't believe anything and everything that is on the internet...he suggested me that i come back if the problem persists after he re isntalled the OS. Sad part is that i knew that the issue wont be resolved and it still has not..


On PL Samsung Forums, the Mod answered that the problem is known and now Samsung is diagnosing it and they are preparing updates

Would be highly obliged if you could share a link or something... i just hated the way that guy refused to accept the issue..made me feel as if I'm lying or making up a issue for no reason. I also told him that a replacement won't make a difference and i just want you to be heard by samsung...He's was like that case if the issue is not resolved we'll have to send your phone for a repair..I was like "i didnt pay for this".


KrzysiekK (Samsung Mod):


"I confirm that the problem is known. Diagnostics and preparation of patches are currently underway."


"The date the patch will be released is not yet known. If I have any new information I will let you know."


Today, 4 weeks after my initial purchase of an S9, Harvey Norman's Samsung Franchisee in Perth, Australia agreed to exchange my phone for the second time. This time I took a navy blue one (on the off chance I have the same experience as another affected user who went through three black phones then a blue one that SEEMED better). Not holding my breath. I hope that Samsung really do find a fix as indicated by someone today. The closest I have found to a fix so far was swapping to a provider for a few days(Telstra instead of  AldiMobile) who could turn on VOLTE. That SEEMED to stop the silent spots but the sound in 3G only zones got worse. I now have another 14 days of exchange warranty on this 3rd S9 but if no solution I will negotiate to exchange the S9 for a Note8 instead. At least I think I can still record calls on that phone (for now).



Same problem here as well. Very frustrating especially when Samsung has not acknowledged it is a real problem. 

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