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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call


I am in Australia, Have replaced SIM, Replaced Handset, Reset Phone, Turned off 3G and every other fault finding process Samsung could think of and still problem of Call silence periods during conversations occurs. 


EDIT: Snapdragon Exynos powered Handset  

Now I would say call drop is not only happened to Exynos version but it also happened on Snapdragon. Hopefully there will be a software update from Samsung as he promised within 10 days.
But I still skeptical about what is promised as this issue never be acknowledge officially by Samsung.

7th replacement:smileysurprised:



 "Hopefully there will be a software update from Samsung as he promised within 10 days".......... Who's 'he' here??

This is the information I read from a few post back.

imgb_smartboy wrote:
There is no network issue. I am from India and i have tried alomost all networks available here in India - Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, Jio etc... but all in vain. I raised my voice against the issue and after long discussions, arguments and fights samsung professionals replaced all my handsets and admitted that fault is not with the network but with S9/S9+ itself. I am using my 7th replacement handset currently and facing the same issue. I have copies of all my invoices with me. They asked me to wait for 10 - 12 days for a software update now. Let's see if an upcoming update resolves the call mute issue. Else no option left I will have to fight again to replace my 7th S9+. I will not remain silent until the problem will be resolved.

I think it's time for a refund and another phone, also, whoever mentioned going onto Twitter to complain might be onto something, I don't have Twitter, and nor do I want it, but if it helps, great.


Another potential to make Samsung address this issue, mention this issue to an apple fanboy/forums. Once apples starts making jokes about Samsung's new flagship, I'm sure they would look into the issue.  


Overall, disappointed by the issue and frustrated by the lack of support/acknowledgement. 

I'm using iphone about 8 years. The serious problem I had is during iphone 3GS where the phone get restart during the call. Send back phone to service center and get a replacement. No problem after then.

But Samsung case is different, even the replacement the problem still there. Got one guy got his 7th replacement but the problem still there.
I've been advised by Live chat assistant to send my phone to service center, but I reluctant to do so because it I got the replacement, the problem still be the same.

hi all,  just wow on the amount of replies in this thread,    its a shame but thats proving one point here which is... how much samsung cares abt its customers...       i am givin up on this,    one more day and headin to the shop on saturday and gonna get a pixel 2 xl,       yes..not the same screen quality etc,    but the phone works and at least is gettin software updates...    seems like project treble for samsung means absolutely f... all


Hi All


Please go through the below refernce mail. I have already escalated the issue - and as already informed that I got my 7th handset replacement after this shoot up. The current s9+ is also having the same issue. Now I am planning to go and fight for the replacement/refund for my current handset also. Will update soon. 

Note: Firmware updated, Reset done, Tested s9+ with various premium networks, All mazor and minor remidial actions taken by me and service centre but the problem is not gone! Finger crossed


Mail for your reference - 

I am a premium customer of Samsung brand mobiles, always using the premium handsets which can be tracked from your records. But today I start with - 
Shame on your company that a faulty product S9+ that is said to be the flagship phone of the company has been launched in the market which is causing harassment to the customers like me. Here is the brief history of my grievances and I am so much irritated that I am thinking of taking all corrective measures at my disposal to fix the company. Please note that if my grievances are not attended promptly, the company will be responsible for all the damages caused to me due to the poor functioning/non-functioning of the phone. 
I purchased S9+ handset IMEI No. - xxx from M/s. xxx Communication Jaipur, RajasthanImmediately after purchasing the phone I noticed that the call became silent after some time for 15 - 20 seconds and I cannot complete the conversation without hello hello many times. This happens both for outgoing and incoming calls. When after doing all the needful, the problem was not solved, it was brought to the notice of the merchant and distributor in Jaipur who directed me to the service centre. Service centre told that it is a network issue but when the calls were tried on multiple networks it was finally agreed by the service centre, merchant and the distributor that it is not a network problem. However the problem could not be rectified. Then I took the second handset IMEI No. xxx but the problem persisted. The second handset gave the same problem. Again I have to go to the service centre, leaving all my important business, and spent hours for the rectification of the fault but the fault could not be rectified and the same problem occurred even in front of the service centre people. I am a busy business man and all my business work comes to stand still without a smart phone. So I took another S9+ handset IMEI No. xxx  when I was assured by the merchant that he will get the problem resolved from the company at the earliest possible. But this set is also giving the same problem.
The details of the visit to the service centres and dockets for calling your customer care services are given below - 
Service Centre Bill Nos. - ....1616/....92281
VOC No. - ....182272
I also want to bring to your kind notice that two more handsets, in the same scenario mentioned above, had been purchased by one of my friend and he is also facing the same issues. 
It appears that a defective product has been launched in the market by your company which is evident from the reviews that are pouring in from the world over about this product and the customers are made to suffer for no fault of them. Customer does not pay this hefty amount for such a poor product from your company which was not expected. In the end I request you once more to please sort out my problem on the first occasion otherwise I will be left no option but to take all suitable actions at my disposal. I also request you to kindly pay me the damage cost for my harassment and disruption in my business. An immediate action is requested in the matter. 
Thanks and Regards

I'm in the process of returning my phone for a replacement . Interestingly, when I was nearing  the end of the call to customer services the sound dropped. I have a tiny hope that the new phone will be okay. All the hassle to return phone and wait for a replacement is ridiculous after paying so much for the phone especially when they have high street shops!

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