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S9 speaker phone cutting out on call

I wish something was done it's very frustrating owning this phone and constantly having this cut out happen. We shouldn't be worrying when making a call just when the sound will drop out. Not on a 900 pound device.

I have done this and it didn't drop a call so I removed the last 5 apps I downloaded since having this phone and for 3 days it was great .... Today it dropped a call once for 10 seconds ! So maybe it is an app but deleting all third party apps when it's hunch is not good 


Having the same issue when on a phone call using speakerphone, which I use a lot with video calling feature. The person on the other end says i sound like i'm underwater. My boyfriend uses the s9 as well and has the same issue. I updated my sim, thinking that might be the issue but its still happening about 60% of calls on speakerphone only. 

Iv had the sounding like being underwater sounds too on s8plus as well as s9plus. It's beyond a joke
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Hi all. 


We're currently looking into this for you guys. If you've got the Members app on your phone, can you use it to directly send our software team an error report with log files? Within 15 minutes of the issue happening, open Samsung Members app > select Support > Send Feedback > Error Reports > Application > tick Send System Log Data, and attach a description of the problem.


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I sumitted an error report just now. For me the problem is worse since I updated yesterday.




can you share the details of the update that resolved the issue for you?? What's it's exact number??




Can you give us more information on the matter?? Has Samsung released any update lately to fix up the glitch, as some of them are saying it fixed the issue for them?


It hasn't fixed it. It's worse now than it was before. 


I too have the same problem.

What is the Build Number on everyone's phone  here? I live in NZ on Spark network and have today received an OTA update with

Build Number: G965FXXU1ARCC.

Build Date: 22 March

Android Patch: March 2018.


It's the patch that supposedly has the "calling fix", but to my understanding it hasn't rectified the problem. I haven't been calling much to confirm anything yet. 

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