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S9+ region lock / SIM network PIN blocked


Used your solution to unlock mine.  They charge $39 for the remote service now too.  Did not have the issue with typing slowly although I was careful to type it in so was by no means rushing. are the boys, highly recommended, I'd have no worries using again or if you can get a deal on a locked phone buy that and let them work the magic.  Samsung tech support not helpful, mines an EU phone (Romania I think) that I did get a good deal on but as soon as they clocked that I was using it in the UK...lost interst big time!! No way it had been hacked or anything it was in sealed packaging and I've done an IMEI check and its a genuine phone, end of as far as i am concerned.  My issue was with a Georgian SIM (which is in Europe so why it didnt work on a Euro region locked phone I'm not quite sure...not EU europe maybe??) but fine now.


I purchased S9+ in uae and have used it in uae as well as India. It worked well. But it is not registering on any network in UK using either uk sim card or indian sim card. Please help.



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