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S9+ rear camera laggy when in dark conditions

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Has anyone else experienced lag in dark conditions? In normal lighting it is brilliant, however, in low light it is incredibly laggy. I've tried all modes: auto, pro etc but they've all seemed to be lagging

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Yes, I have the same problem on my S9. The camera is super fluid when in good light conditions, but in low light it gets really laggy. Have you found a solution to this probem?

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Hey peepz, I'm getting the exact same problem. Its a little strange, I might try and contact tech support about it  and see what they say. Also, was considering backing up my phone and just doing a complete reset and reload everything to see if that changes anything. Has anyone come up with a solution?


AndrewL Moderator
Hi @Markus18

Are you experiencing the same lag when filming video clips in low light conditions? Are the resulting pictures affected at all by the lag?
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I'm experiencing the same problem, pictures are generally fine as they are still even though the camera is laggy, but videos in low light conditions are also incredibly laggy (you can clearly see the transition from smooth to laggy when moving it around) I don't know how to fix this but I'm hoping Samsung does.

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I do got the same problem.

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When i record in any third party app the frames just drop

i have had the problem of when recording in any third party app it is laggy in low light or house light conditions, but when outside it works perfectly. I have looked for a fix for 2 weeks and no video or solution anywhere. Please help

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I have the same problem when recording with any third patty app. It is very laggy in low light and home light conditions, but outside with good lighting it is almost perfect. Please can anyone help me with a fix. Thanks

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