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S9 pie upgrade - Hate the new look

I totally agree. I absolutely hate this phone now.

Screenshot_20190425-162806_Samsung_Experience_Home[1].jpg_____STUPID LOOKING TOY______



Where is this members app?...I want to puclicly humiliate whoever designed this "update"....I've never hated an update this much.


81Q2jJv4qNL._SY550_.jpgThis kina sums it up for me

Has anyone heard a peep refering to a patch, fix, or rollback?

Had one member tell me to go buy an Iphone. GRRRRRR. My Note 9, the Note series is/was a useable easy to configure tool, now it is more like a $1200 paperweight, or door-stop if you prefer. Wheel chock, table leveler,,,, (insert your description here)

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I Agree!  Working in mobile for several years; I'm used to the constant changes but this one is horrible.


I used the black theme "sd black" for the black background on everything and I love the icons.  This previously made my call dialer and texting keyboard black too, which are now both back to white.  I can't turn on night mode with a theme.


On top of this, everything is very hard to read!  Location for example, is selected turned on right now and blue, but I can't even see the location icon in the circle because it's blue too!  Another example:  On the notifications, you can press and hold to select "block" then "save" to turn off notifications by that application.   Now I can't see save at all!  Luckily I already knew where it was.


This update is garbage.  Oh and my phone is slower, no doubt.  Running tap baseball 2019 was way smoother an hour ago, how its extremely choppy.

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Screenshot_20190425-190044_Chrome.jpgVibration-Bluetooth-Location. Can you tell? This is just great. ugh.



Has anyone figured out how to go back? Is there any reponse by Samsung to reconsider? My phone updated at a horrible time in my life and I had no time to figure out wth was going on.  It has been weeks and I am still trying to figure it out. I absolutely hate the texting window.  My most recent texts do not move to the top???????  anyone have any idea how to fix that??? 


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Go to keyboard settings to turn swipe to text back on, the update turns it off. I also thought it was gone which highly annoyed me too, one of my fave features
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