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S9 pie upgrade - Hate the new look


Good lock is good but it can't change to vertical scrolling, but yeh, certainly helps a lot with some of the features regarding apps. 

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Are you suggesting we buy new icons. Like the ones they just took away.  


Let me interject, I found this set called 'The Dawn II' that is more entertaining as well as unique. It also has the distinction of being free! 

They cannot hear us, they are using Google software in their Samsung hearing *****..
I was wondering about leveling tables or pianos?

They conducted extensive testing on the one handed operation features. The doing that their executives could be more productive while t*****g off.

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You should have bought a Pixel 🤷‍♂️


I HATE this. Why can't I turn the bottom notification bar off? I'm trying to edit photos and can't because the big a$$ home button, back button, and app buttons are there. WTF android? Why are you trying to make our phones like life iphones?

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