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S9 pie upgrade - Hate the new look


I installed Good Lock from the Galaxy App store and then in Good Lock indtalled Quick Star, which does allow me to modify the notification bar. So I yield back on this missing feature. Looks like Samsung released this in April right when the complaints started. So yes. A very good thing Samsung did this BUT these are things Samsung should be allowed to include in their OS image. Definitely seems like Google has made all these manufacturers conform to some limit to customizing Android.



I agree. I like the launcher, but HATE the icons. The icons look like something from a toy phone... I miss the old icons from Samsung Experience UI 9.0 that was used before One UI. I really liked those icons. I like One UI otherwise, I just wish Samsung would change the icons, or make an icon pack on Galaxy Themes that is the same as the previous one. I would totally use that if they did! Help, Samsung!!!


P.S. Does anyone know how/could someone post the original Samsung Experience 9.0 icons (what we had before One UI icons) onto Galaxy themes and tell us the name so we could get them back from there? If so, Thanks!!


(Using Galaxy S8)


Might find the icon pack on Xda developers, I know they do themes, icons, modified gcam etc for the S9


I've looked there, but I don't know how to apply that stuff or if it us reliable (has viruses or not). It would be easier if it was on Galaxy Themes. Do you know how to apply packs from there?


I'll maybe have a look around later but you can also ask if anyone can do it. 


Also might be worth contacting Samsung through the members app to ask if they can release it. 

Check out the App called Tigad in the Google play store. Probably the best icons in all of Android IMO. I've used them for years. The icons are 3D art style and go well with TFS Launcher. Definitely worth a look.
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I actually upgraded from the 8+ to the 10+ early in hopes of not having to deal with this stupid update. Figured the new phone would have more features where I could do more so the update wouldn't ***** me off as much.  Not the case. I hate the new software upgrade!!!

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Thank you! I could stand looking at those awful icons. There's lots to choose from and some free ones too.

@DB9000 wrote:

That is an app that makes you install other apps for those "enhanced" features. I'm not installing several apps just to tweak this phone. Especially when those "enhanced" features should have already been in the OS! 


Google must have done something that made Samsung remove features from the last OS version. This is just pathetic. I'm not going to rely on a bunch of apps to do something that should already be in the OS.


Shame on Samsung. Especially shame on Google. 

I fully agree with you. But pending Samsung fixing this and to save me throwing the phone in the bin, these apps have to do. 

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I am still waiting for an update that will change how my phone looks now. It should be like a warning or something else like "your phone will look now like s**t do you want to download the new update?" or like some other thing I dont know I just want back the old look. 

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