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S9 pie upgrade - Hate the new look

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Oh my God, what an ugly update on my S9+,  who in their right mind would release something like this?  Did anyone even look what they were doing? Ugly icons (dont tell me to buy themes and icons🤬)  emojee screen, battery dies twice as fast?  WHAT WAS THE UPGRADE?  Looks like you just turned my phone into a pile of garbage. A $1200 piece of garbage.  I want my Old OS.  I want my cool crisp icons and screen back not this windows 97  looking *****.


I'm done 

Its HTC for me from now on.


I've noticed since I installed the Pie update the AOD doesn't show on my screen.  I have made sure that I have turned on AOD.  Has anyone else experienced this?


I want a return authorization so I can bring it back for a refund.  I agree totally! If I wanted a Fisher-Price play toy I would have gone to Walmart.  This is now not the phone I tried out and purchased at the store. Changing it after a customer buys it is CRIMINAL!!  Someone needs to start a civil lawsuit against Samsung for  malicious mischief and criminal damage. Destroying someones personal property  is a crime.  They need to put it back the way it was when I spent $1100.00 on it!!


@The_V I found the setting was a bit buggy. Solved it on mine by switching off, leaving Settings then going back into Settings and reenabling.


Settings > Lock Screen > Always on Display > Display Mode.


Good luck.


I hate the new update!! It looks like it was designed by a child and it just completely messed up everything. I hate the way messages look, notifications is a nightmare, the alarm looks creepy when it rings, contacts...  I can go on. SAMSUNG you need to listen to your  customers. I was going to buy S10 plus but not after seeing the update. 

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I totally agree. Time for my note 8 to go in the bin with this update. Completely horrific.

mine shows, yet the battery has to be recharged halfway thru the day. I've just had this Note 9 a month, I traded in my note 4. I wished now that I never would have. It just breaks my heart that an entity like Samsung would pull a "Bait & Switch" manouver like this. Sell you a phone then change it after youve paid for it. I am so hurt.

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You should be able to view the new look options and change if you want them, not get them, hate them and have to waste time changing back .. agree they look childish .. Whats with the big block of wasted space when you view messages .. cant see how to get rid of that ugly thing.

You are 100% correct! I have wasted two days trying to get the phone back to the one I bought. I have exahusted every avenue. It is going back to the store.  I hope I can find another phone like the Note, with all of the abilities it used to have. I don't play games. THe last video game I played was called Pong. I liked the 'businesslike' look and operability of it. I had the Note 4  for a long time and just loved it. I was just getting that way with the new Note 9 and nowit is useless to me. 

It may have the same functionality, however, I did not purchase the hunt & peck Fisher-Price toy, at the store I bought a certain feel and ease of operation, that all changed in a few minutes along with my respect for Samsung.

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