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S9 pie upgrade - Hate the new look


Agree, really dislike the update, seems like my phone is 10 years old with those ***** icons, I thought I was using an old iphone. The white navigation bar, gross ! why take transparency away Samsung, I hate the block icons so much that I want to put my phone up for sale and get an Apple because I dont see the difference. It seems like this display is marketted for a different age group, the older generation such as my parents who find it hard to use samsung so samsung went ahead to downgrade. These phones arent cheap so stop taking the ***** and give us back the icons, transparent navigation bar, multiscreen view and close all app the "WAY IT WAS". I feel like my phone is an embrassement, Nothing unique,I thought the navigation bar looks like an Huawei !! What happen to standing out in the crowd? Been using Galaxy for 5 years including 2 televisons and this s/w upgrade was the biggest dissapointment for 2019. Please change it or you'll lose customers.

Am upset to invest in a $1600NZD phone paid cash only to see samsung load it with trash display. Hate it Samsung, hate it very much.  Extremly dissapointed, icons make my eyes hurts, the colours...seriously did you let your grandpa choose the colours and shapes or was it a 3year old? Whoever designed the icons had bad taste in fashion and just too bold and boring. 

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Totally agree, I was shocked from how bad it looks. And the UX usability dropped as hell ... I don't ever plan to use it with one hand regardless, it's still too big ... and without a case slippery. Maybe the performance is slightly better, but overall it's a downgrade in almost every regard.


Has anyone managed to get Substratum themes working on S8 Galaxy/Note? I read that they disabled it specifically for S8 (Exynos?), for me when I try to install it (I got the addition plugin for Samsung too), it says "App not installed". I didn't like almost any of its themes anyway, but better than OneUI. 

Or any working and safe alternative?


Also Goodlock app can't be used as well, tried an .apk but it only shows a connection error.

Big downgrade in appearance. Icons and fonts geometry so awkward, UI looking cheap and dumb in comparsion to previous versions. Not to mention other "improvements" in camera, apps management, gallery and etc.

7.0 android was cool, 8.0 was not worse, and now this pie... I regret that I've updated, thinking of firmware downgrade now.
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Lol, I've thought about removing that useless Bixby button also. I would love to assign that button to a useful assistant like Google or completely change that button to something else. Good idea to remove it with a knife!!

Yes, but then you have destroyed the equipment, well kinda sorta. Samsung needs to be held accountable for their actions  actions against those people who purchased their products. I'm thinking that a boycott of all samsung products ; washers, driers, dishwashers, phones, everything . Then I am quite sure they would react. How many stockholders are there? They will feel a boycott. Administration would then be on the heat. 

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I had to download an Icon from Galaxy Themes, I guess Samsung is pushing apps from developers. Give it a try

I had to download icons too. But don't know how to fix "recent apps" menu yet. Seems this awful UI was made on purpose to force people buying themes and icons from galaxy themes store or they're targeting grannies and little kids. This update has the worst android look in my android using history since 4.4.1.


I feel your pain, i tried to beautify it...this is what my screen looks like now..Screenshot_20190314-212706_Samsung Experience Home.jpg

Screenshot_20190314-220615_Samsung Experience Home.jpg


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I hate the new look too. What I hate even more is that when the update got pushed, it bricked my phone. Had to factory reset and despite having everything backed up to gmail with the last backup just minutes before the update, I lost a month's worth of stuff. So I've spent way too much time trying to get everything back together the way I liked it when nothing looks the same. :( Between this update and the lack of customizable text tones for contacts, I will not buy another Samsung.

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