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S9 pie upgrade - Hate the new look


Has anyone gotten any reaction/feedback from Samsung about our disappointment in this update? I mean they must have gotten tons of negative reviews from users. Anyone know if they are working on a fix??

I have noticed, appart from the overall uglyness, that several of my app now don't work. And I can no longer get incoming calls on my Galaxy Watch after the update.


I described my dismay but they basically didn't care. They pretty much said "we think it is better, even though you don't like it. We know better". Then they said that I can't turn back now and they are sorry they ruined my phone but still proceeded to tell me to **** off and deal with it.

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This update sucks Ive tried everything to get my theme back and it wont work AND i cant use split screen An update shouldn't get rid of good features wtf

I've been a loyal Samsung customer for a long time (S5) this is the first upgrade that's felt like a downgrade. It's simply awful, cheap looking and the swipe feature was the best feature and its gone  - what the hell were they thinking?????  Can we get it back??? Can I go back to the old version??? I'm so disappointed. 

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Ohmygosh yes you're right! I never even noticed that you cant remove the bar anymore! Just another thing that I hate with this update!

@Ivvie. Same here. Agreed.

I also have to reiterate what's been said by others as well as myself, here and elsewhere: it's awful. It's change for the sake of change, which is hardly ever good, this case being no exception. It just feels like Samsung is trying to be apple, and somehow in the process managed to just outright copy much of the UI of Pixels... both of which are just alien to Samsung's own hardware designs, instead of being the next step of natural evolution. The white-offwhite-grey-darkgrey colour scheme with blue pops is an eyesore, especially on a full black device, but I can't imagine it looking any better on others. The icons... dear gods. Kindergarten level, with awful colour choices - just look at what Gallery's was before and what it is now. I genuinely cannot fathom who would come up with this UI and why it would be greenlit. I do like how the rounded corners of the display are reflected in UI elements, like album covers or the notification shade... but that is all the positive I can say about the looks of One UI.

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totally agree. This stinks. I want the old version back!
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 it's awful.. 

i only know how to reply to comments, and not post my own complaint. Otherwise I will

I completely agree. This sophisticated elegant device is now looking like a pre-school toy. I am severely disappointed in this update.
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