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S9 pie upgrade - Hate the new look

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What the actual eff? Totally agree with people saying it makes your phone look like some child's toy.

Not only cosmetics, but the actual functionality of some basic apps (messaging n gallery for example) are just incredibly fiddly and kind of add yet more boxes withing the app itself.

Samsung, you really have dropped the ball on this one. Need a patch NOW, to replace this joke.


Got to keep bouncing threads like these, because it is an appalling downgrade and I am sure we are not the only ones who think this.


Totally agree with all of the above.

They need to change it back to what it was like before, or at least give us the option to do so on our individual phones.

And where is the option to hide the bar at the bottom of the screen?? Prior to the update you could choose to have it visible at all times or make it go away so you could have completely full use of the screen in apps. Is this still possible? And if so where is the option??


I would like to throw my name in too, this is the worst update 


Although I've only been using it for a day, I'm experiencing slow network speeds along with an almost unusable interface.


Switching between apps is slow and the clock being on the left of the top bar is driving me round the bend.


As far to answer the user above's question, you can disable the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. If you drag down your quick launcher from the top and scroll through the pages you should see a button for 'Navigation Bar' if you press this it will hide the bar at the bottom of your screen.

However, I warn you that it's something worse than before. You now just swipe upwards in the space the button was to activate the action. Unlike before when you would swipe up to briefly display the bar. It's also not as quick to enable/disable because you have to go to your quick launcher or settings rather than having a handy little button right there.  


Me too!!! Hate it!!! About to switch to apple If they don't get rid of this!!! I was happy the way it was!! 

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I totally agree. I went to sleep excited to see the new update and when I saw it I wanted to die. My phone looks hideous! So childish! And no theme I use makes it look anywhere near the way it looks before. I bought Samsung because of the sophisticated way it looked, now I'm messaging everyone I know who has it that it that in case they want the update, it looks like this! Please Samsung change the way it looks, I'm devastated!!!

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I wish I had preview of how it was before! 
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I agree, this update makes me want a different phone. Why would they remove all the features that made this system good? I miss the option to hide the navigation bar and the swipe to text. The recently used apps page has app suggestions at the bottom that aren't even on my phone, and never were. I don't even recognize them, I wouldn't know what they are or what to search for even if I wanted them. When I tap one it just says app not found. That feels so... sloppy and buggy, like I'm dealing with some unstable system that might bug out on me. The curvy saturated bubbly style is almost in direct contrast to the neat clean and crisp look it had before. Notifications are now these loose floating bubbles that seem to take up a lot more room at the top of the screen than before. I hate the colored icons on the AOD, they don't match well with the white clock or each other. The previous update seems like a direct upgrade to this one and I'd be happy if they just changed it back... this hardly feels like my phone anymore.

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I've got the update today,  too.

I also would like the Oreo's skin back.

This is terrible. If I want to buy a basic phone, I will not but an expensive S9.

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Omg i am the same it is hidious!!! I don't like the bar at the bottom aswell as you can not double tap to put full screen on because the feature has been taken away!!!😡😖👎🏽

You are right. It used to look modern and classy but now it looks cartoon and tacky. I am actually really annoyed because now I have lost one of the draws I had to this phone.

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