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S9 pie upgrade - Hate the new look


BTW, OnePlus is looking pretty good right now... after being a Samsung household since the Galaxy S2, upgrading yearly.


I'll probably still buy their M.2 and SSD drives for my PC though.

If this Samsung UI is not changed back soon, I'm leaving their wireless division in the dust for Oxygen OS.


I'm using the icons called :The Dawn II

Hope this gets through, I keep getting booted out when I hit the post button 

Totally agree. I have been holding back on the updates precisely because of the new icons I saw on the new phones. I even held back on buying S10 because of it lol.

But because I was facing issues with some contacts not showing up on the phone app, I decided to update with no hesitation, forgetting all the sentiments I mentioned above ))))) Only to be greeted by super odd colour schemes and kid-ish icons????? I know you can customise and so I tried looking for themes for icons but cmon, it all looks so out of place with all the non samsung apps...

I don't believe Samsung has such bad taste in graphics... did they intentionally make it ugly to force people to make purchases of themes??????
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I alsof hate the new icons. I got them on my j6 plus.

I just sold the j6 and got back to my old A3 and new I don't have the pie update anymore. 

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