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S9 pie upgrade - Hate the new look


Better yet, we should be able to feel confident in the knowledge that Samsung is actively listening to us and that their software development does not take a dive down the ridiculous (as it has with this OneUI).. and if it has, they will make steps to put it right or at least to apese our dislike. 

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I totally agree! I've been using Samsung for years and recommended their phones to everyone I know for the look and ease of use. 

After trying to change the look, without any success, am seriously considering the change to a different brand phone. 

I understand the need for updates, but why change the look, especially to such a childish and cheap look! 

If Samsung values our opinions, they would give us the option to keep the look we all love. 

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I also hate how the camera looks..I wonder if it could be changed to how it looked when I first bought the phone.

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I agree I've had my phone 9 days absolutely loved it until the software update!
Called Samsung who basically said nothing they can do !! Really!!!! Is this customer service? If enough people complain surely they will have to change!?

found fix. switched to iphone xs and use samsung as door stop.


I'm afraid that it's more a matter of the customer being serviced. There seem to be more folks opting to not fight it and just be integrated into the BORG. The consumer will, from now on, take what big brother 



They don't care. It's only a piece of Googles plan for world domination. 

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I'm afraid that was quite evident in my phone call to them!

It's not Android 9 either, it's one UI that samsung have done that's altered it so much. 


Part of the problem is the majority like it, we're a relatively small number on here in relation to the amount of customers worldwide. 


I just think it would've been nice to have more options like switch one handed mode on or off, have the recent apps vertical or horizontal, keep the pro mode for video. 


Personally Android has always been about freedom of choice to set things up how you want them as well as having extra features you may or may not use. 



Goodlock can do all that. Get it from the Samsung store, the one on Play is fake.

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