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S9 pie upgrade - Hate the new look


@Tasha1819 wrote:

I know we shouldn't have to but theres a video on YouTube were you can downgrade stupid IU pie won't even let me copy the link and share it but just type in downgrade from pie to oreo



Yeh reinstall the oreo firmware, best read up lots first, makes sure you find the  correct one.  Needs to be suitable for your carrier and region.


Works though 


That took some good investigation. Well done thank you! 

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Just got the update last night. Looks like an April Fool's joke. I've actually tried all of the accessibility features hoping one of them would make my screen readable, but those just make it worse. What fool put white text on everything? Texting is horrid with that weird turquoise and white text. The color scheme is completely disrupted. If I wanted my phone to work like an iPhone, I'd still own an iPhone. Seems really slow and non-responsive, too. I'd avoid this update but Samsung eventually forces updates after I try to ignore them enough times.


I gotta say though i must be the only one with better battery life, im on 13 hours and just hit 40%.


Now that is way better than i was getting before. I was having to charge in the van during the day, or as soon as i get in, im easily making it to bedtime before i plug in now.

Honestly, why did they mess the camera up? From one of the best smart phone cameras, to appalling!



I have an S9+. I would like to know if the camera will be restored to its original features. The current state of the camera after the recent android update is appalling, specifically pertaining to features that have been deleted for no reason, such as beauty mode. Please advise on whether we will get this back, as I am thinking of returning this phone and opting for another brand.

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i wish we can go back to the old icon. The features is *****ing ugly. i just buy it a few days a go , now its asking for upgrade i just regret it and wasting money . i should just continue with an iphone. the icon is just *****ing ugly. i repeat!! *****ING UGLY!!!!


Yes you can, but strangely the previous set of icon is going to cost you money.


How can it be done? I don't mind paying.


I'm happy to say that I've managed to downgrade my phone to Oreo, and once again I'm loving Samsung . Using this makes me realise how much I hated OneUI.

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