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S9 pie upgrade - Hate the new look

Call the 24Hr tech support line and use their time to fix the background things in the program that are burning up your power.
Hi, I just accepted the new upgrade on my S9 and agree with all the Feedback. I really dislike it: there was no advice of such a dramatic interface change, the text message and bubble effects feel childish and less slick etc. Can we uninstall the update? Kind regards, Lisa

I'm sorry for your loss Lisa. 

Time to band together. Petition, Class action lawsuit, and one of my favorites; the old time handwritten, snail mail, letterwriting campaign!

YES Maxozone Yes!! I am seriously frustrated. I have spent all night fiddling on phone, Googling for fixes, and struggling with my fonts to try and counter balance this effect...I honestly feel like the "I'm in denial before the grief" phase...I utterly loved this phone...spent a bomb too buying it outright...
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Its horrid
What were they thinking ??????
It's like ancient totally basic crayon drawing !
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I agree....can't begin to say how much I dislike the Pie icons on my Note 8 😡😡 Samsung please give us the option to choose the previous icon pack!!!!!!


I gave it a month, now I hate it even more. Running out of excusess why not to hack it back to Oreo.

I use samsung since 2011, never had such horrible experience.

So Samsung do you plan  (take the responcibility!) to fix the UI or should I begin flashing?

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YouTube autoplay no longer works also. ***** upgrade. After years I will now be binning Samsung  

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It looks complete ass I just want to be able to go back to the old way this phone was this update makes me want to switch to tracphone lol

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 Went from Apple to Samsung because Apple kept doing this *****, guess its time to make another change. I was just about to buy a Samsung watch, guess ill buy a Garmin instead

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