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S9 pie upgrade - Hate the new look

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Hi there I too hate what they have done to the look of the note 9 with this update. From slick modern to a kids phone. I went to get the members app you recommended here but it says my phone is not compatible... thanks again Samsung for your well thought out commitment to your customer base... NOT!

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But themes don't even modify system look and system icons (except colors), it's just the app icons and wallpaper etc. which you can easily change it yourself / use icon pack / launcher, right?


I am not a real 'techy' so I don't know what a launcher is and would I take it to the store I bought it at to have those things done?

I know exactly what you mean about not being techy, I'm the same, but we employ people who are and they're very apprehension about downloading launcher.
Please get advice before you do anything like 3rd party apps, you don't want to end up with more problems than what you started with :(
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So I like Android I don't like iOS why are they trying to make it like iOS?

Also did the designers have an off day, give crayons to their kids and tell them to draw things? Big clunky plain icons.

Do they not listen to the people who actually use the system?

It's awful, and I've only just installed it.

I like change, but change when things are made better.

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i didnt like the look of it at all. Worst of all my battery wont last the full day anymore!!

Hey there, I didnt use any themes apart from the generic one that was preloaded when i purchased the phone, on Galaxy Themes app, there is a icon button on the botton right that allows you to change icon style only. Everything else is the same. Then set up your own wallpaper. Themes itself are *****, never use them, sucks battery life away.
Thats sucks, am still waiting for Samsung pay in our country
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I agree. My husband and I just spent a lot of money on these phones. Now they look cheap and ridiculous. Thinking of switching phones just for this stupid move on Samsungs part. May reconsider if they fix it soon.


I could not find the place to set an individual ringtone or message, just one for calls and one for messages & Email. Very annoying. Not as it used to be, or should I say NOT THE ONE I PAID FOR!!!!

And whats more there is not a whisper from either Samsung or Google (I heard Google had a hand in the upgrade). That is one of the main reasons that I have been asking everyone to give a call to the 24 Hr tech support to ask them for solutions (I ask them to guide me thru changing the icons back to the ones I purchased) then the call log shows a fail to solve and registers the problem. It took me almost 10 minutes to get thru to a tech last call I made, it used to be almost immediate.  The time we spend messing around with the device trying to get it back to that which we paid for, we could be living. Instead we are chasing our tails, finding out that there are more things that have been pirated and stolen from us, and how much more we have been rogered with our trousers on!

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