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S9 pictures of people's face blurred like a painting

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Hi, I need some help!


When taking pictures of a person sometimes the result is blurred, like the face is painted over. Rarely it happens with another subject as well.


This pictures attached are an example of what happens. It looks like a filter that changes the picture into a painting, however no filters have been used.


All menu options are standard. The menu option for correcting the shape of a face is "off".


What could be causing this? Is my S9 defective? 






TomF Moderator
Hey @b-a-r-t! Are you zooming in before taking the image? Try heading to Camera > Settings > Enable Tracking AF. To get the best quality out of the pictures you take, ensure that the Picture Size is set to 4:3 (12MP).
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Hi Tom, tx for replying. I am not sure if it happens when zooming in, I don t think I zoomed in at the picture with the mushroom. However I will try your suggestion.


Kind regards,


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Hi Bart,

I've just found that some of my photos have come out like that. Random photos - only found them when I went to look for photos to make a calendar. I thought there might be a "filter" that I had inadvertently used, but can't find one. Photos either side taken at the same time no "effect". I'm stumped too.

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I tried the suggestion of Thom and so far no issue anymore, however it did not occur always so i have to make more pictures and check them to see if it really solved the issue structurally...
Cheers, Bart
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Unfortunately your suggestion does not solve the issue...


How can I get a Samsung rep to reply to my question?


Regards, Bart


Hey @b-a-r-t


Is the software on your phone up to date? Can you try a Hardware Test for us? On your phone keypad, dial *#0*# and it'll bring up a grid of various tests. Tap 'Mega Cam' and 'Front Cam' to test the camera. How does it appear here? Let us know the results! 



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MasukaH, the tests don't show any result.

When clicking Megacam it opens the camera as if I normally would take a picture, after taking a picture nothing happens, so i presume all is ok. 

All software is up to date.

I called Samsung for assistance, they advise me to take test pictures in safe mode to check if it would happen again, which I will do soon. 

To be continued. 

Remarkable is that except for kathtrc here in this topic, I can not find any other S9 users having the same issue.

Kind regards,

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Same with me, the picstures are not clear
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Same here, pictures not clear and have a painted effect.
Problem seems to occur when taking pictures at e.g. concerts. You can hardly recognize the singer in the pictures :(

During daylight, pictures are OK. My old Sony Xperia Z3 compact can take better pictures than this.

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