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S9+ not showing one contact name in messages

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Can anyeone help.

I have an S9+, had it for a few months (loving it).

All of my contacts are on my google account, but for some reason my sons name does not appear on Messages, it does on the phone app though.  I am assuming it is some sort of software conflict on the account but have not been able to solce it.

I have deleted the account

I have tried changing the name (added his middle initial)

cleared cache on contacts and messenger

I downloaded contacts optimizer to ensure i had no duplicates

I even spoke to samsung support whi took control of the phone and did a hard reboot and could not solve it, in they end they said it may be hardware related and told me to swap out the phone, which i did under warranty, but this also had no effect.

I am left with the conclussion the issue is being caused by a conflict somewhere, only i cannot find it.


Can anyone help?




TracyR Moderator

If you've done a full reboot and swapped out your phone it's unlikely that it's a problem with the hardware or software but it can't be fully ruled out. 

Have you tried removing your son as a contact from all of your accounts and then adding him again?

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Yes. I have and also the samsung guys tried it also.


TomF Moderator

When was the last time you synced your contacts? Give it a go! Head to Contacts > Menu (3 dots) > Manage Contacts > Sync Contacts. It might be worth restarting your phone when this is done.

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Hi. Gave it a go, but didn't make a difference.
This is a little thing but it is starting to drive me insane.

Am I right in assuming that your son's text messages are being received but his number is showing instead of his name? If so, then I've seen this happen before on other phones and discovered that the reason was the contact name started with 0 but the text message started with +44 (the international dialling code for the UK) without the 0. 


You could also try saving the number in the text message onto the contact record for your son.


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You are correct in your assumption. His number appears but not his name. In the message app, seems fine in the phone app.

Thanks for your advice, I gave it a go but didn't work.
I'm convinced it's some sort of co flict between two or more apps, maybe Facebook or something


Could one of the apps you suspect have added an entry into your contacts for your son 's number but without his name?  On an incomping call or text, the phone will search for a match on the number and use the first one it comes across.  If that is the blank one, then that would have the effect you are experiencing.




Same issue here. Have you found a solution?


Interesting thing  is, contact name is not displayed only in the message list. When I click on the message and go to the screen when you can see whole conversation, contact name in left upper corner is displayed properly.


Any thoughts?

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Too be honest the problem has been resolved. Although I am assuming it was fixed with the pie update, I could be wrong. 

One thing I think I did at the same time was I looked at the message number displayed and copied and pasted it into

my sons account. The format had the UK +44 which I changed I think. 

Then I didn't do anything else and then I did the update and noticed his name was fixed and finally showing.


Sorry to be a bit vague I had sort of given up on sorting it, and then pleased it was sorted.

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