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S9+ no missed call alerts

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this just worked for my wife on the s8+

thank you

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forgot to put down what worked.



 Hi, read on another site this solution and this worked for me

Go to settings -> Notifications -> Advanced (top right) -> Advanced Notification Settings -> Contacts

Then click on default, missed calls and voicemails seperately and change the importance and sound etc.

This has worked for me, I hope it works for everyone else.

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Hey guys so I figured it out at least for me. If you have any sort of launcher or cleaning app (in my case it was Clean Master), it may be running some sort of notification cleaner or filter. For some reason it was filtering out a lot of the notifications such as missed calls and messages. So go into your app and disable any notification cleaner that the app may have. This should fix it. 

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So I have been searching through forum after forum for the solution to this no avail. I have tried (as has everyone else) every solution offered; every possible way to get to settings, contact settings, call settings, advanced settings, super secret ultimate hacker settings....even tried playing dark side of the moon on vinyl backwards while standing on my head, drinking water through a straw while watching  wizard of oz backwards...kicked my acid trip back in from 1992 and cured my hiccups but did nothing for my phone. Every setting mentioned was already checked or unckecked or nonexistent. Then I came across one comment that mentioned uninstalling the clean master app and the notification functionality would immediately be restored. I did have that app installed so I got rid of it and... worked. Another mentioned the security master app as their culprit. So my advice to the masses is, while it is nearly impossible to know the exact time this started happening and the exact app that was installed causing said issue, the issue is most likely caused by 3rd party apps conflicting with system or samsung apps, and while this seems like something that should be easily fixed once it is brought to attention, sometimes the 1s and 0s just don't line up and conflicts occur. Inconvenient: yes....end of the world: no. So my advice to you is to start checking aftermarket apps you've installed...probably start with the ones that are specifically for system maintenance or some such purpose. And while this isn't the be all end all answer that will work for everyone and every IS what worked for me (after trying every "definitive" solution.)


Goodnight and good luck!


(s**'s 9:30 in the morning and I'm supposed to be working)


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