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S9 no Multiple calls and no miss call alerts

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After the last software update i can t receive multiple calls even tho the phone settings are made . I tried everything,  deleted caches , deleted everything,  reseted my phobe to its fabrication setting i called the mobile network they already did all possible and it still not working.  Did anyone had the same problem? I m really unhappy about this thibg, and its really fustrating when i m on the phone waiting for another call and stressing out cant hear it and also i won t get the notification on missed call. 

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Luci12.


Is this issue happening just when you're already on a call and another call comes through? Have you got 'Call waiting' switched on? Go to Phone > 3 dots > Settings > More settings > Call waiting > Toggle on.

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The Clean Master App was killing all notifications for me. This is what worked for me . nothing else above worked. But then I noticed that my Clean Master Notification cleaner had effectively "cleaned" all "junk" notifications. This means that it pretty much shut off all notifications. So . I disable the notification cleaner and voila ! good to go !

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