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S9 mobile data not connecting

New Member

Hi my s9 uses one card and cant connnect to 3g or 4g , icon shows for few seconds with attempt to upload package but then  goes off,and repeats all over again.


Tried all solutions from here and none helped me so far.


My settings are same and i recived new configurations of my provider so its only something with latest update.


I must say i am ex iphone user , in 3 years of using same model i never encountered any single issue.This is 3rd time something isn't working on s9 in past 4 months since i bought it.

ChrisM Moderator

That's not what we like to hear, @Misti. Have you tried a different SIM card in your phone and/or, your SIM card in a different phone? This would help to rule out a possible problem with the SIM card itself.

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