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S9+ call volume low

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Awesome! Will try!!
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Before wiping my phone, I took a straight pin and carefully but thoroughly cleaned the speaker. I'd tried cleaning it before with a cloth as suggested in this thread to no avail
On front/screen or speaker bottom/off screen where you talk into?! Sorry a little slow here 🙄


I done a software update two weeks ago and noticed stright after incall volume now has half its normal volume.

Tried every setting but can't turn it up.

Just wondering did you also do update.?

Thinking Samsung are deliberately messing up so public buy new s10 etc.

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Mines the same, since the latest update I struggle to hear the person on the other end of my call. The call volume has dropped significantly. 

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i solved by using a toothbrush without any water


Just a quick update on volume problems. 

Done another software update and all sounds and volumes are back to normal. 

Not sure what the issue was but clad its resolved. 

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I have that problem
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I need a update to correct that problem


My s9 lost incall  volume by about 60% straight after a update. Tried cleaning speakers with fine brush which to be fair did slightly improve.

But volume came back 100% two weeks later after yet another update. 

Not sure what's going on with my s9 

Could be software or a malfunctioning speaker....working great a the moment. 


Hi! I have been trying different Apps and it hasn't helped. I tried this and it helped my in-call volume... maybe it will help you.. I own a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. It has to do with the MONO Audio! Go to Settings, Accessibility, then Hearing enhancements, then Mono Audio. ....

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