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S9 and Led Cover. Cover is not working after Android Pie Update


Finally, Samsung get contacted me and now i have a ticket number for the issue. However they told me that the mentioned problem was fixed with a june update. They recommended to reset my phone to factory default state, remove then put the cover back. Was not helped at all. I went back with my phone to the official service point and where i got a promise that they will try to fix it somehow (replace the mainboard for example) but it takes about two weeks. They could not be able to provide any spare phone. I am sooo disappointed. Also they told me that 3 unsuccessful repair attemps are needed to get a new replacment device. Sorry for my english. I am f*cking nervous.

Here is the original (hungarian) email from hungarian Samsung support below:


"Tisztelt Danhauser Zoltán!


Köszönjük, hogy megkeresett bennünket.


Szeretnénk Önt tájékoztatni, hogy próbálja meg levenni, majd újra vissza helyezni a frissítés után a tokot. Amennyiben a készüléket a legútóbb (2019.06.25 dátummal) megjelent szoftverre frissítette és továbbra is tapasztalható a jelenség, szükséges a szervizes kivizsgálás. Így arra kérjük, hogy egy közel eső márkaszervizünkbe legyen szíves leadni a készüléket teljes körű kivizsgálás érdekében.


Közel eső márkaszervizeinkre a linken kereshet rá.


Bízunk benne, hogy technikusaink segítségével sikerül megoldást találni a tapasztalt jelenségre.


Továbbra is készséggel állunk szíves rendelkezésére Samsung termékekkel kapcsolatos kérdései esetén. A gyorsabb és hatékonyabb segítségnyújtás érdekében javasoljuk, hogy hivatkozzon a 2911607572 nyilvántartási számra.


Szakács Mónika
Samsung Electronics Magyar Zrt.


Ouch, they are trying to repair something that is not broken :(

Its only the os that is malfunctioning.


Good luck for you!


These insider's comments getting to be boring.


UPDATE: Now i have got my phone back after 2 weeks. They replaced the following parts: mainboard, battery, NFC antenna, system bus connector (whatever it means) The problem remains and i got an expertise that is definitely software problem.  I sent back the copy of all these documents to Samsung and asked them to DO SOMETHING!  


At least you have proof now its not a hardware problem, which we "normal users" sadly all knew before.

Good luck on your mission!



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Hi, been reading through the posts. Noticed today that my lovely purple led screen cover stopped working. Any news?

Unfortunately , no. I am afraid these buggy covers never gonna be working and Samsung never gonna fix their buggy PIE. My issue is open since february.


If your cover has stopped working for a reason other than Android Pie, this can fix the problem.

Remover phone from cover.

Power phone off and on.

Fully charge phone.

Put phone back into the cover whilst still connected to the charger.


Sorry but this seem like a newby or insider comment. Do you really think if i never tried all mentioned "workarounds"? Please read back a bit. This story is going since february. :/

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