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S9+ Wifi turning on and off

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My S9 Plus keeps turning its WIFI on and off. Even when I am not connected to any network and reset network settings. 


I am just looking at the WIFI setting and it continuously turns itself on and off for no reason. 


Trying to update the phone but it never completes the download as it needs to be on WIFI. 


Is there a setting I am missing? 


Strange that, but mine did something similar the first day but I may have restarted the fone while trying yo port my fone number over to new carrier but it hasn't dont it since, have you tried turning it on and off

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Hi - I didn't see this post but I have just posted something similar as I started getting this issue 2 weeks ago also. Now it's my mobile data and auto-brightness features. 


Did you have any luck finding out the issue?

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In the advanced section of the WiFi setting there is a "Wi-Fi power saving mode", I disable this before because my Wi-Fi keeps shutting off.

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