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S9 Update version9 Renders Phone Not As Purchased Have a Right to Return!

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 Since the latest Samsung update on my S9+ the Camera and many other features do not work as they did when I purchased this phone. For me the Camera was the main reason for me purchasing this phone. However the update has caused my camera not to work as it did before with a hige decrease in the quality of the final picture mainly in video format. The Slow motion Video alos has a glitch that will not let it be played on any other device. Judging by the many complaints of this last update, it is clearly a major fault on Samsungs behalf. As such I have had legal advice that this may be cause for a class action, if you have similar problems please reply to this. I have given Samsung 5 days to get it fixed or i will commence action. It is not for us to waste our time because of the poor ability of Samsung to test updates before releasing them. What ever you do , do NOT install this latest update.


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Superuser I
Actually, I'm quite happy with the latest updates - But that's me

Regardless, I wish you the best of luck




I agree. I have lost the video pro mode and can no longer take videos of any decent quality. As I purchased this phone because of this feature I have contacted Citizens advice consumer services here in the UK and have been advised that Samsung are liable for this and must either repair the phone by returning it to its previous features or compensate me financially, they have also passed it on to Trading standards to look at taking independent action against them for this. I suggest any UK users unhappy with how their phone has been damaged by this update also start by reporting this to citizens advice and trading standards.

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