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S9+ USB connection to Nissan Connect


In furkling around recently, I came across a setting in Developer Options that I didn't understand and research indicates it MAY help resolve your problem.


In Developer Options, there is a setting called Bluetooth AVRCP version which, by default is set to 1.4.  Apparently, bluetooth on cars can lag behind that on phones and it may be that setting this back to version 1.3 could help.

AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) functionality includes displaying file names, tracks, etc.


As I don't have your problem, I can't test this out so this is offered as a suggestion and not a solution.


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Has anyone found a fix for this yet? It's the USB connection that is the problem not Bluetooth. I can Bluetooth the phone to the Qashqai and listen to my music, it's the USB connection that's the problem. It doesn't work at all so you can't use Android Auto properly.

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