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S9 Text message ringtone


I don’t think that reverting back to a previous version of messaging will do the trick.  In the past, the specific tones were assigned through the Contacts app, and not the Message app.  The contact app no longer has the field for “Custom Text Tone.”  There is still a field for “Custom Ring Tone.”  Textra, Mood and all the other texting apps have apparently had to change also since all now seem to use the feature of tagging the Conversation and not the Contact anymore.  I’ve downloaded Mood for example and tried it.  They do the exact thing that Samsung has done with their “Fix”.  They tag the Conversation and have nothing to do with the contacts listing.


Here is a good way to test it. 

Pick 3 friends that you have text conversations with.  Now, using the current method:

Assign Tone A to Friend A’s conversation

Assign Tone B to Friend B’s conversation

Assign Tone C to Friend C’s conversation

Send and receive one on one messages from all three one at a time, and you get Tone A for Friend A, Tone B for Friend B and Tone C for Friend C. 

Now, put all three friends into a Group text scenario.  Send a message to all three and wait for their replies.  You will receive:

Default Tone for Friend A

Default Tone for Friend B

Default Tone for Friend C

So if I assign a custom text tone to someone, I must preserve that thread for all eternity.  Previously, under Nougat, under contacts, you assigned Friend A’s tone to Friend A, Friend B’s Tone to Friend B and Friend C’s Tone to Friend C.  And when they replied, you got their assigned tones, no matter whether they were responding one on one, or in a group. 


For example, my drug store sends me text messages advising me that my prescriptions are due for refill.  So I saved them as a contact and assign a quiet, non-obtrusive tone for them.  Just a quiet beep.  And it’s worked for years.  Now I must preserve these automated texts for all eternity to preserve this quiet beep, or clean them out since I don’t need them and have the next month’s messages revert back to my default tone so I have to stop what I’m doing to check an automated computer message.   I did the same with my Alarm company.  I saved them as a contact and when they send me a message, I want a really loud, obnoxious tone to let me know there is a major problem.  My wife and daughters all have custom individual tones.  If my eldest sends me a message, I know who it is immediatly.  But if she sends a group message to me, my wife, and my other daughter all I get is my default tone.  Where before, I got the individual tones all the time and I knew who it was prior to looking at my phone.  




Why change something that worked perfectly for something that doesn’t and then call it an improvement?


hmmmm.. interesting.  seems that some of my messages here appear to have been deleted.  Did I upset someone?


Did I mention that I can no longer customize the tone for the conversation in Messages. That option has completely disappeared. I don't like Message+ as I find it klunly. I am trying out Textra so I can at least have the thread notifications back. Since Samsung is being a bunch of a-holes.

I know what they are gonna do rather than fix it they will update the new 10 coming out so it will boost those sales

Well, I guess I did offend the powers that be. I don't think the moderators like being questioned by users. Couple of my posts have gone mysteriously missing. I'm done.  


Direct Download Android Samsung Messages APK version ( developed by File size 35.74 MB


@androidapk wrote:

Direct Download Android Samsung Messages APK version ( developed by File size 35.74 MB

It won't install on US phones. 

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try with other apps if not to update 

Does anyone know what app in the playstore to get for customizing text tones for individual contacts
I definitely agree
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