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S9 Text message ringtone


Sounds like the same response they've been giving for the last year. 


I'll be moving away from Samsung on my next phone upgrade. 


I have a silly question.  I've been sitting here, reading all the messages since this thread started way back in March of 2018.  I've seen many moderators state that there is... 


A).  A fix/Update which will allow individual tones to be assigned to a thread.  Yes, we know about that.  The draw back is that if you delete the thread, you delete any customization to the tones.  The other problem is during team or group messages, you can't assign a tone to a PERSON.  ONLY to the THREAD.  I need to know the TEAM MEMBER that is sending me the message so that I know how urgent the message is.  If I get one group of tones, I know it's a family member.  If I get another, I know that it's my alarm company.  If I get another, I know WHO it is, regardless of whether they are sending me a message by themself OR in a Group message.  


B).  I've seen suggestions that a 3rd party app (Textra... Handcent...)  would solve the problem.  No, it won't.  Because they use the SAME steps that the standard message app uses.  To tag the THREAD and not the PERSON.


C).  I've contacted Samsung and gotten the run around about it and they didn't say anything about fixing it.  They only explained what I already knew.  


This conversation has been going on for OVER 10 Months and they STILL haven't done anything about it?  My only hope is that when Pie comes out, that they have FINALLY corrected their "Feature."


As I've said before, IF I would have known about this ..."FEATURE" prior to my purchase of this Samsung device, I would have look at another manufacturer.  (No, never an iPhone. )



I now have read somewhere, I can't remember where, that they will not be putting Pie on anything below S8. I use an S7, which I love.  This would ensure that I would need to buy a new phone...NOT HAPPENING. I am due for a Free Upgrade, which we all know is NOT FREE. Guess what, STILL NOT HAPPENING.


Well, Pie has arrived and guess what SAMSUNG LIED. Contacts STILL cannot have individual notification tones. Well it looks more and more that as I and the rest of us that have been told it would be in the next update and have been lied to, when I upgrade my phone it will not be to another SAMSUNG. No respect or anything for their phone owners. They apparently do not give the preverbreal *****! 


Well come my upgrade date I will be saying goodbye. 

Well..... *****

I use Mood and it does allow individual tones to each contact.  Is a bit of a effort but it works for the time being.  I gave up on these shmucks long ago. They have no intention of fixing this.  No more Samsung products allowed in our home. Their sales are tanking.  Customer service is why.


So no new message tone fix with pie.  Hmmm

Not trying to be an a** but, we than again I am.  LOL


Loving my new LG G7Thinq 


Seperate ringtones.

Seperate message tones.

Seperate LED colors.

Seperate group ring tones.


And no extra apps


Did I miss anything.


Oh ya, and a 2 year warranty which I hope I never have to use.


Come on over to the dark side guys.


LG - Lifes Good


I plan on it.  Next TV too. No more Samsung in our home. 

Wait wait wait..... Mood allows Customized text message tones? Based on the Contact and NOT the conversation thread? Tell me that this feat is actually possible!!!!!!!!!!! If it does this magic, I will be downloading this as soon as I get home tonight.

I just tried mood and it didnt give me the option for the contact tone? Maybe I'm doing it wrong...Samsung is so so so so stupid for doing this ....why take away something everyone wants...*****s....smh 

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