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S9 Text message ringtone

Don't get excited, we've been on to Samsung since launch day about this. So don't hold your breath!
Re pictures : I use WhatsApp, as Vodafone charge me for sending pictures, but Textra have delay settings, may be worth looking at. fg
Use Textra until Samsung sort it out rather than a work around.

I just went back to using the Samsung messages app and I just am saving the conversations of people I text alot for now. I have like 8 or 9 people I just am not deleting the thread for now.  Textra I had problems when sending pictures plus I just got a new cool theme and I love having the stock stuff match keyboard and messages.  

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Xin chao
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Please fix this.  It is one feature I used daily. 

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OMG, hate this phone.  I had  a iphone from 4 up to 7, thought it was time for a change.  Remember that saying "change isn't always necessarily good"  well it sure fits here.  Can't assing ring tones to caller.  Can't sync with the cloud.  Shifty sales team for a shifty product.

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There's an issue with the install. My phone refuses to implement the update.
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Sorry if already posted. I've just changed to S9 and even with all latest updates still no individual text tones.

Managed to work round it as below but it will only work if you keep the text conversation running (ie don't delete all the messages in the thread)

Open text message conversation.

>top right 3 dots



>press the gear wheel cogg 


>then select a tone.

It been working fine for me for the last few weeks 😁👍


Yay!  It's back and it works! Thanks for posting the location! 

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