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S9 Text message ringtone

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i would like to have seperate ringtone sms. not the same one for all notification. onejust for sms text

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Please bring back the notification option to have a different tone for contacts. I really miss that!

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I just spoke to Samsung.  They said that they have contacted the software developer to include it in the next software update.  I have no answer on a time frame though. 


Yup, missed the ability to  assign different tunes to individual contacts messages as well.


 I´d love to get the delivery report as just a visual notification in front of message too.

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I'm the same, I dont like the fact I can't assign my own text tone from my music, it's really annoying, I didn't have this problem with my iPhone, I dont like tones that come with any mobile phone, I like my own music, usually have one for calls and one for texts, but it doesnt let me add my own songs, I hope they add this soon, this is my first samsung in 10 years, I've always had an iPhone and I decided to get the S9+ for a change, there is alot that needs to be fixed, plus my battery is already running down a little faster and I've only had it just over a month, also had to get a screen protector because the screen had a little scratch and I wasnt happy especially only having it a week, then the advertisements saying the screen is scratch proof, what a lie that was, I had my iPhone 6s for just over 2 years and didn't have a single scratch on the screen, I do like this phone, but it's not up to the standard I thought it would be, all these screen protectors and covers shouldn't be necessary, not for a phone that nearly costs £1,000, I expect shatter proof glass and a phone that won't get scratched at all. we need a new update soon, it is starting to lag a little, I dont understand why anroid doesnt send out updates to everyone at once, like iPhone does, it's rather annoying. 


It's not in the latest software update it's the same on my S8 since it updated to the latest software this needs to be brought back in I agree with you how do we complain and get this feature back onto the new software


Same here.


Can u tell me one reason u need to change text ringtone ? I dont understand what it is good for :smileyfrustrated:


Preferred option - then have favourites with individual tones so we know when a text comes in, you know in advance who it is.  Or someone that is not a priority, no rush to get to the phone.   

Any update on the update...if you see what i mean. The number of people on this thread and others does show the amount of disappointment in this. And its not like we can take our phones back as we are under 12/24 or more contracts with them.
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